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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out......Kids & Best Friends

TGIF!!!!!!!!!! Time for "Friday Shoot-Out's". Friday has become my favorite blog day because I can feature my beautiful town of Newnan, Georgia and the rich treasures it beholds. We now have people from all over the planet participating and the only person we are missing is YOU.

We did an anything goes subject his week so I picked kids and best friends. I love kiddos and I love best friends. My heart sings when I see children laughing, and playing. I love to see best friends together having a great time and loving one another. A best friend is there for you when no one else in the world is. As a matter of fact...........a best friend is the one coming in the door when everyone else is going out the door. Priceless, no?

Shout-out to a wonderful friend, Ms. Laraine who is doing the Relay For Life. You go with your sweet beautiful self honey and raise money for the cure!! It's so needed and THANK YOU!! It is one of my dreams, that cancer will be curable in my lifetime. While I'm doing shout out's.....Science Girl in France......THANK YOU for all the research you and fellow scientists do on a daily basis to eradicate this terrible disease, right Audrey????

Patty and I will pick back up with a specific theme next week. I can't wait to see all of your interpretations from around the world and in the United States. I say it's a revolution...........

A pretty girl I saw out walking with her Mom........

Asleep and safe on a grandmoms lap. Is there any better place to be or sleep?......

The first of many baby teeth lost. Ahhh, I remember those days and the tooth fairy....

Look at that curly haired darling having curly fries........

My pastor's daughter....something tells me that he and wifey are in for t~r~o~u~b~l~e in the very near future.......

There's nothing like a refreshing Juicy-Juice on a hot day........

Look at those blue eyes I spotted while out and about downtown having a little ice cream...........

Baseball buddies. They've known each other all their lives I think...........

Sharing a meal of good old American hot dogs on a Wednesday night at Awana's........

BFF's forever they said.............

Have a look at these lady killer's. The were so charming when I spoke with them that I see many girlfriends being sweet-talked...........

Now I ask you, how cute is that?..............

Sharing dinner and smiles........

What a trio of be-yoots..........

Say cheeseburgers for Auntie Reggie Girl...........

Oh my, to be that age again.....not, lol............

Best friends of mine, Cousin Sis, Auntie Mom and myself. Can't imagine where I would be without their unwavering love and support..............

Me and my best friend for life. Every day I feel like Cinderella and live an enchanted life with this man, my Prince. He loves me uncondtionally...............

I had these T-Shirts made for the next two new Friday Shoot-Out Gang Members and another for Barry in Canada for being such an awesome dude and a real trooper.....steady on dude......Anyone who wants to join our gang can comment me and the t-shirts go to the first two newbies. Come on!! Represent your town y'all all. What are you waiting for????? This is your personal invitation right Crisfield, Maryland Patty?........

******"Keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me for sure. That's what friends are for"******* ~~~~~~That's what friends are for~~~~~~

Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter.

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. So gorgeous all those beautiful children ...
    blue eyes, chocolate eyes ...I wonder what my first grandchild will have?@?? Do you wonder that too? I am blue and all my children are too, but the babies Dad has dark dark brown eyes, I feel quite excited at the possibilities!

    Don't count me in the t-shirt because the postage would cost you a fortune.

    Many hugs ...children are a gift from God.

    Sarah Lulu

  2. Awwwww...what incredibly cute shots! Particularly the sleeping child! And the grinning Prince, knowing how lucky he is!

  3. Obviously these photos were why the word "adorable" was invented!

    Just beautiful, Reggie Girl!

    And I loved the t shirt!

  4. Love your post today. This is a great idea. And congrats on that info you left on my blog! That's wonderful :)

  5. that little girl with the long blond hair is a BEAUTY. I don't see why I can't have a T-Shirt - you can send one to my daughter in Houston I'LL BE THERE IN LESS THAN A MONTH!
    good job Reggie Girl. Hugs and kisses to Prince... No Hugs and Kises to you both.

  6. Awww...such a sweet post. It left a huge smile on my face ! Have a great day Reggie Girl!

  7. I love to see people who get enthusiastic about their town and well...people in general. I wonder what would happen if I stuck a camera in someone's face from my hometown. We have a Wal-Mart Supercenter so chances are they would be an out of towner and think I was either:(a)very friendly or (b)a crazy bag lady! LOL! By the way, I love reading your posts about your town.

  8. I KNOW you are ready for that GRAND~baby!!! They are indeed GRAND! It just completes me having our GRAND~girls.

    Love all your friends. Life would sure be dull with out them, wouldn't it?

    Sunshine and Smiles for a happy weekend Reggie!! Looking forward to next week!

  9. You pictures are so great...love all the captions, too! Wonderful job...you and your hubby make such a cute couple! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Those kids are very friendly and they let you take picture of them. The sleeping boy is the cutest one :-) You look so in love everyday, I admire you on that. And you really treasure your friends. Even I don't see you, I know you are friendly, sweet and loving person. Keep up the good work!

  11. Wow love the theme and pictures! I Love kids and in pictures.
    I have a week and a half left of school and I will join you on shoot outs!
    You are so beautiful with your prince!!!

  12. I am having a t-shirt made, too. You always beat me at everything, darn it!

    That's my Reggie girl: She can cook, she can take photographs, send packages in a timely fashion, take care of dogs, volunteer, and organize her life. And I'll bet she can even sew.

    I love your subject matter. You captured the kids beautifully. You can never go wrong with kids and animals. I Like the mix of black and white, and the hot dog makes it an all-American shoot.

    You and Prince are sooo adorable. I crown you "Princess of the My Town Shoot Out." I would make you Queen, but then you would be Queen Reggie Girl and Prince. You will have to give Prince a promotion to king.

    I have not been around yet to visit everyone. (I'll bet you have beat me everywhere), but I think everyone did a great job in picking an assignment. It is fun seeing what everyone did.

    I put the names I had in a bowl and Jen's name came out. She does not know it yet, but she gets to pick next week's assignment.

  13. What great pics! And Reggie, the thing that I think I like most about your pictures is the loving words you attach to each of them. I read a "smile" in every word you write and I can feel how much joy and love you have for life in general! You need to bottle that joy and sell it, my friend!

  14. You are awesome RG and I just love your BF and kid pictues! Great choice! Now why didnt I think of that. I had big time brain freeze this week but dont count me out!
    Have a great week end.
    Blessings my friend.

  15. What a "feel-good" post from you today - all those beautiful bright eyes and smiling faces. Your pastor's daughter with that darling dimple will be a heart-breaker for sure! You and Prince look so incredibly happy and I wish you both a terrific weekend.

  16. You really have a gift with photographing people. That "Juicy Juice" girl could be on a postcard...or a billboard!

    Wonderful work.

    I agree, rescues do remember, and they give you their whole heart plus some that they didn't think they had. I adore my dogs, and Sasha, especially, has a very special place in my heart.

  17. Kids! Ya gotta love 'em -- even if they do drive ya nuts.

  18. Beautiful pictures as usual. I love all the smiling faces...How did you get them all to look right at the camera and smile pretty?
    Love that shirt too and yes TGIF!
    You and hubby are so cute.

  19. Good Morning Reggie - Love your town photos. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  20. Children and their smiles, it just makes me sit here and want to smile back at all of them, one right after the other. I love the sleeping child, mostly cuz it reminds me of how much I used to love standing at the door of my kids' bedrooms and watch them sleep. I felt so blessed each and every time.

    But ReggieGirl, my fav photo is the one of you and Prince!! Wow, what a hunk you have there, and you are just too pretty!! How I love dropping by for a visit here! Take care, and have a good weekend. Debby (hey, I am down to just one crutch now, so my leg is gaining in strength. Yoo-hoo!!)

  21. I looked yesterday for what the subject was going to be today & couldn't find it, so once again, I'll have to promise to do it next week, lol.

    I love coming here everyday for my dose of happiness. Isn't it just amazing how all children are so beautiful?

  22. Newnan has such adorable people! I love the curly head asleep on grandma, and the girl with braids and the boy - they look like they are having a blast!

  23. What beautiful pictures of the kids around town. Love those. The picture of you and your Prince is great. You make a good looking couple there lady.

    I would love to do this weekly post with you and be part of the gang but Friday's is when I do my Frugal Friday post and giveaways. Bummer wish I could do it another day.

  24. Loved them all. Very sweet pics.

  25. Such a beautiful variety of photos....lovely people all. The children are precious. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  26. What a sweet post! Good friends truly make for a happy life! :)

  27. Those were some great photos...what a touching post! Thanks for brightening my day Reggie!

  28. Great pictures of the kids and people. I like the diversity in your photos. Kids are cute no matter where they live!

  29. What gorgeous gorgeous children. Just lovely. Well captured! x

  30. What awesome photos...if I had attempted to take photos of kids or people around here, I probably would have been shot! You are a brave one!

  31. oh no fair! i don't get a shirt!
    What is wall ball?
    great shots

  32. Hi Reg, Love all of the photos of the children. Aren't children just gorgeous???? ALL of them!!!!! Oh to be a child again----NOT!!!! ha.... OR--even to raise my sons again-----NOT!!!! BUT--being a Grammy is super!!!!!

    Love the picture of you and Prince. How special is that!!!!

  33. Kids are so darn cute with every action, even the ones we dislike...later in life those memories bring smiles and laughter, and we forget the heartache!

    I just saw 'Inside Out BLT's' gotta go check that out!


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