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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturdays in Newnan....Cars Shows & Love

Another beautiful day here in Newnan and we just couldn't stay indoors. Our church had a car show today so we went to help a little. Don't you just love spring? Speaking of love, there's love in the air at our love nest......always....

1974 Corvette Stingray.............

1927 Ford T-Bucket..............

1958 Chevrolet Apache truck.........

1955 Chevy Bel-Air.........my Dad used to have one of these. His was sea foam green and white. I learned to drive a column shift in that old car. What a precious memory............

Speaking of precious, this is a quick snap of my Prince and me. That verse from 1 Corinthians chapter 14, verse 4 always comes to mind when I think of Prince.....
"Love is patient, love is kind".......He's the best dude in the universe and I love him more than any woman has ever loved any man........ever.........

Hope your weekend is filled with LOVE, joy and laughter and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Love the old trucks... Had a 1959 Ford F-100 my boys and I would deliver newspapers in on the weekend.. 4 speed(1st was creeper gear) 290 V-8 farm truck.. they got all the money, I got the memories...They heard the press being delivered- she was a noisy old girl!

  2. You make a very cute couple, I'm sure Bagman will be jealous! My folks have a '55 Bel Air and it's purple and white.

  3. Great cars !
    awesome photos !
    These cars remind me when men often ran out of gas on the way home .
    Hope you and your prince have a fun ride home.

  4. Wow looks like a fun day! I love looking at old cars. I remember learning to shift the 3 on the tree cars also. What a flash back.........LOL

  5. You guys look so darn cute together!

    Awesome cars!!

    Have a great weekend! I'm out to do some raking before the rain comes.

  6. Nice car pictures. and yours ,also.
    It is cloudy and very chilly here.

  7. I love classic cars! I learned to drive a column shift in my daddy's 1965 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. Then it became my car when I was a senior in high school. I would give anything to still have that car! I loved it!

  8. What a fun day at the auto show. Great picture of you and your husband! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. Great cars. We are members of local car club. Our 'baby' is an 83 Mustang convertible. She is in the middle of being repainted and I can hardly wait to drive her again. :) Our car show is Aug 15 - 16. You are welcome to come join us....

  10. Awesome classic cars! When I was in high school, two of my friends had classic, but I don't know exactly what they were. I just know we had so much fun kicking around in them.

  11. I used to have a 1954 Plymouth that had a standard transmission. Man, I loved that car! Of course, it was a major gas guzzler but gas was only $0.32 per gallon back then, lol.

    Cute picture of y'all too!

  12. All beautiful, Reggie Girl - Those trucks - all red virtually - I want to get in and drive, drive, drive - Onward Christian Soldiers, indeed... Wonderful!

    And all that food on your earlier post - My mouth is watering... Did you know I had started a much-needed diet this week, darn you!

    I hope your weekend is fabulous, as are you and your golden prince! xxx

  13. I freaking love car shows.

    Photographing cars is my favorite thing to do :)...ok maybe not my favorite but pretty close !


  14. Great old cars and great photo of you guys :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I think I responded to you about the bus. cards on my post...even though you asked me to write to you...ugh, my brain! If I did, I apologize. I'm sleepy ;/

  15. Have a great weekend. I am off to work in an hour so I will be sleeping most of tomorrow away while my split pea soup cooks in the slow cooker tomorrow.

  16. The cars were such fun to see and you and Prince? GORGEOUS. Many blessings.

  17. That must have been fun...the Bel Aire is so cool looking!!

  18. Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog! We love Mimi from He&Me+3!

    Sorry, but I had to crack up when I read, then went back and re-read it... your church had a CAR SHOW. See, we have lots of car enthusiasts and shows in our town, but I've never seen the church get involved. Cool idea!

    You two look great together! :)

  19. If I ever win the lottery I am going to buy myself a bright red jag convertable. LOL


  20. That Chevy truck is TO DIE FOR! It may be one of my favorite looking trucks in the world. Yummy. Oh, and you guys looked good too.

  21. looking good this weekend. They say love is the great equalizer - kisses from Brasil

  22. Ain't nothing like a good car show. We have one in Crisfield.

  23. What is it with the color red with classic cars?? They are beautiful!!

  24. J9 could be right. Bagman might be jealous. But he usually doesn't be believe in jealousy because it works both ways and even more because it connotes a kind of ownership in love which he and Khalil Gibran don't think should be part of it. In any case he's asleep. So I have writers and photographers block...But I love car shows...and did a batch of weird engine photoshop manipulations...maybe I'll post them later if Bagman and Butler keep sleeping.

  25. What a great couple RG! We have those old cars shows here. They are awesome.
    Love your hair chickie!


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