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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way

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Wow, I can't believe that it's almost Easter. Sunday morning children will be waking to beautiful baskets left especially for them from the Easter Bunny. They will be filled with chocolate bunnies, colorful Peeps, speckled Robin eggs (my favorite) and jelly bean eggs. How exciting that will be for them!! My pups will all get a small veggie burger made especially for them and I will tell them that the Easter Bunny left it for them.......

Tomorrow is the "Friday Shoot-Out". This week's subject is My Town - The Four" chosen by GingerV @flowersandmore in Brasil. Anything that revolves around the main intersections of your town.....storefront's, alley's, street signs, traffic lights, people, traffic. It's all about interpretation as there are No Rules in this fun project. Whining has already been taking place all week about having no traffic lights and such (okay, before everyone goes crazy one me....I'm totally kidding). Improvise.......everyone has a town of some sort. Let's see your's through your eyes. Are we posting on Friday's or Thursday nights this week Patty? Just so we're all on the same page.

Lovely Loida @welcometo2Ls3B's has chosen next week's subject: "MY HOMETOWNS NATIVE FOODS AND RESTURANTS". Let's see what and where you love to eat. Everybody's gotta eat right? Let's all get to shootin and let the whining begin :).........

Store front window in downtown Newnan....ready for Easter.......

A cute bunny sign in a front yard off of Macedonia Road.......

Stirrup Some Fun Farms....I think they're having an egg hunt.......

Community Wide Easter Egg Hunt - Babies thru 6th grade....I love to see those little ones.......

Newnan Florist's Easter window display......

Spring Fling, Egg Hunt AND a Bike Rodeo?? What are they going to do? Rope a calf while riding a bicycle? I sooo want to see that........

Close of of vines growing around a tree that Auntie Mom pointed out to me on Gordon Road in Newnan

A little farther out of the majestic tree......

Isn't this just beautiful? I looked closely and there are actually two other trees growing all around and into this mighty Water Oak. I'm going to go back for another shot when more of the leaves have opened. I hope these other trees and vines don't choke out their stunning host......

These next two shots are for Airman Mom. This one is a DOT job site flying Old Glory as they work away. Makes me so proud, how about you Airman Mom?.........

This is our Justice Center in Newnan. Everyday they display our Stars and Stripes and our State of Georgia flag......

******To Bagman: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and KiKee Dee*****

See you at the "Friday Shoot-Out" tomorrow pardner's........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. AARRGGHH!! The Easter Bunny is coming this Sunday? Crud! The Easter Bunny had better get busy and gather up the loot or I'm going to have some unhappy kids around here.

    By the time I get to the store, there will be nothing left and my poor kids will have to make do with cigarettes, Diet Pepsi, and cheese sticks in their baskets. Oh well, nobody ever said they were going to get through this life without a little therapy. :)

  2. I wish my kids were small again so we could enjoy egg hunts again. Not to mention the easter dresses and hats. I love that tree.

  3. Hey, I'd like to join the Friday Shoot outs. Is there somewhere I go and sign up or do I just take pictures and post them??

    Loved you hometown pictures.

  4. Good morning, Reggie Girl! Here's come Peter Cotton Tail.. hopping down Newnan's Bunny Trail, hippity, hoppity, Happy Easter to you!

    Well, I never was a good poet.

    Nice post, gal!

    We are going to PetSmart today and get an Easter basket for our kitties.

  5. Beautiful pictures ! Wow, that big tree is wonderful.
    Trees are one of my favorite things.
    Have a Blessed easter. Hugs~~~~Leslie

  6. Great pictures, your town looks so nice and homey!

  7. I always love hearing "Hippity Hoppity'! I am going Easter Basket shopping today!

    Spring has arrived! You always have the best pictures to share RG! Love and blessings my friend!

  8. rg...the sight of our Flag, always sends warmth through my heart... as I think of those defending our colors! I thank you for sharing these photos which may seem so ordinary to some, but hold a much deeper meaning! I thank you for thinking of me, as you post these photos! Your blog is always a favorite of mine to visit! I thank you!!!

  9. Happy Easter - hope you get some speckled Robin's eggs!

  10. Easter=chocolate eggs, Easter=chocolate eggs, Easter=chocolate eggs, Easter=chocolate eggs, Easter=chocolate eggs, Easter=chocolate eggs... repeat ad infinitum. Have a Happy easter!

    Greetings from London.

  11. Good morning Reggie Girl,

    Love those pics!

    Have a great Easter weekend.


  12. there is so much 'easter' around your world, here it seems not to be. happy hoppy easter to you and yours.

  13. It is cool that you are from Mobile - Dauphin Isl Pkwy. So glad I found you. Happy Easter.
    I love your blog.

  14. Happy Easter!! Fantastic photo's too bad I lost the battery charger for my camera!! Just when I got in the mood to take pictures. :{

    (Oh yeah, Easter bunny gives organic candy around here. At least that's what I like to tell myself, then they go to Grandma's and get the "normal" stuff... wahaha why even try?) ;p

  15. hey! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving some great comments! Thought I would come on over to your blog, really cool posts! Love the pics of all the easterness happening around your neck of the woods! And a great cause-per-click! Will definately be back again soon, glad you are enjoying my blog! :)

    See you again soon

  16. Maybe I can get to Friday shoot out's after school is over, right now it's all about getting through the next 3 and a half weeks of classes and finals.
    Hang in there! if ya wanna walk here wear something sexy so you don't have to walk the whole way.........LOL

  17. Chemo!! What was that Reggie Girl? (ie your kind comment on my blog...)

  18. Happy Easter to you and yours, ReggieGirl. Great post showing us more of Newnan. Looks like an incredible city.

    I remember going to Easter Egg hunts when my kids and grands were little. As soon as the hunt starts, it is OVER in just a few minutes!!! ha

    Have a great day.

  19. I want to know who came up with the four corners idea - ho hum pretty boring. you know four corners could be North - south - east - west or our towns, or 4 ramdom corners - (the most interesting) I am looking forward to seeing every one participating tomorrow - I am putting GIGI (http://www.blogger.com/profile/12105810181528386036) on my list.

  20. Lovely photos! I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

  21. You know I would love one of those puppies above in your puppy thing. that white one today is beautiful. My girls would love him/her to death.. I dont know how the cat would feel but I know we would love him/her.. LOL.. Anyway beautiful photo's of your Georgia town..

  22. My kids are way to old now for Easter baskets but my nieces are babies so we will be going to my Mom's to celebrate with them. Won't it be fun watching a one year old and a two year old hunting for eggs!?! Love the photos!

  23. Just came by to wish you a Happy Easter filled with love, friends, family, and most of our our Savior's love!
    Have a Beautiful Weekend!

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, your post was fantastic for easter...I so wish my kids were small again, baskets, eggs, hiding the eggs, fun stuff. I usually fix them a small basket, but it is not the same as the baskets the Easter Bunny left for them when they were little! Have a great weekend.

  25. Found you on gigi's blog site. Loved the name of your blog so had to drop by. cool photos --that tree, wow. I'll come again. happy easter

  26. I posted mine on Friday 2AM, guess we're hours ahead of you there in the West. Probably 10-12 hours! I'm already excited for next week's shootout!

    Sad that we're not much into celebrating Easter here in the country. But I remember back then that our whole clan searched for hidden chocolate eggs LOL.

    That is a truly majestic Water Oak! Seems like a wild man lives in there LOL.

  27. Aren't those trees amazing?

    Happy Easter. xx

  28. Hometown foods, huh? That will be a challenge. Love is a battlefield, by...hmmm...by somebody. I wonder when someone will choose "Love" as a shootout theme? Could get us all kicked off blogspot. Maybe we could all meet in Brazil or the Philapines do the shootout together? John Lee Hooker - Boom boom boom boom.

  29. Love the pictures...Thanks and Hope you have a beautiful and wonderful Easter!


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