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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan, City Of Homes

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Welcome to Newnan, Georgia....City of Homes! Did you know that the entire South is larger than Europe and as diverse....a conglomeration of distinctly differing regions? Big towns, in between size towns and small towns. I love them all.

I especially love my town of Newnan, Georgia where the sweet-smeling aroma of vines, magnolia's and gardenia's fill the air and petals of these flowers float in bowls on dinner tables. We put up tomatoes for tomatoe relish that we pick from around tangles of zucchini vines and wild onions grow on tall stalks.

If you live in Newnan it is part of your soul. It becomes a part of you that you can't change......you wouldn't want to.......

Spring flower's outside Murphy's Florist........

On LaGrange Street, Luke Headley Investments, Brooks and Lucy's.......

The bell ourside the Male Academy Museum..........

M Nicole Designs, where everything is unique and so cute. I often pick up gifts in this shop..........

Hit the Trail hiking gear. If you need something for your outdoor adventure you can be sure that they've got it.........

A mural painted on a brick wall in town..........

Heritage Quilts and Fabric...such beautiful bolts of fabric fill this shop from floor to ceiling. A quilter's delight........

An upclose snap I took of a beautiful handmade quilt hanging on the wall in Heritage Quilts and Fabric. Notice the fresh cut flowers. A lady who works there told me that she had cut them out of her front yard yesterday morning.......

Our historic Hersh Building.........

This is our Historic courthouse on Court Square in downtown Newnan being restored. During the Civil War this was converted into a hospital for wounded soldiers......

An up close snap of the top of the courthouse. The top is being re-coppered. I love to be uptown when that big clock strikes the hour chimes.......

A produce stand on the side of the road off of Highway 16. Mr Vernon, that's him peeking out beside his truck door, sells these goodies out of the back of his red pick up truck. I've never gotten anything there that wasn't delicious.........

This is one of my favorite houses in town. I drive by this house all of the time and am always struck by the beauty of it's stained glass windows and charm.....

Thanks for having a little stroll through my town with me. Perhaps you'd like to come visit (Bagman?????). Market Day's have started on the square in downtown Newnan. Local vendor's line the courthouse square with all kinds of wares.....homemade jewelry, pottery, art work, confections, sweet kettle corn. Mainstreet Newnan sponsor's Market Days the first Saturday of every month. Prince and I love to go walk about and see what treasure's we can find. We always bump into an old friend or two and stop for a chat amidst friendly faces. Come see us in Newnan..............you won't want to leave.

A song for Bagman : **"Come See About Me"**
~~~~The Supremes~~~~

*****Georgia born and Georgia bred and when I'm gone I'll be Georgia dead"*****
~~~~A sign at my Uncle's house~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Gorgeous! I love the courthouse!

  2. Beautiful photos of such a quaint town (I mean it in the best of ways!)
    Thanks for a beautiful Tuesday Morning!

  3. Oh I so love the house that you love too! What a gorgeous lil house. And the roadside produce stands -- I miss that from Ohio. I really haven't seen any of those around these parts since I moved here. Market Days sound like big, big FUN. I love things like that.

    As always, you've painted such a lovely picture of Newnan, the perfect lil town to live in! :-)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and your week has started out well.

  4. Oh I LOVE that house, it's beautiful!!!

  5. Another great tour of Newnan!! I love the old courthouse! I love old buildings, perhaps a love that I picked up from my mother who was so interested in history, family ancestors, and all things old. And that favorite house of yours on the way thru town, what a looker!! The lucky people who get to live there. Thanks again for taking us for a drive thru town, showing off some of the lovely sights. I am falling bit by bit in love with where you live!! Take care, a big hug from here, and another click on the daily puppy!! Debby

  6. What a great town! I enjoy your pictures of Newnan. You have good eyes to see the your world in the way you do.

    I will accept your challenge (previous post). However, I live in the country -- not in town. For that reason, I'll go to the nearest intersection and shoot some shots of my neighborhood from there.

    -- Chuck

  7. Thanks for the tour of your town...it is lovely! that last pic reminds me of Eureka Springs, Ar homes...

  8. Oh what a fun tour today. Those veggies in the back of the truck look yummy! I love the Victorian home too. My post yesterday was about Harriet and some other furry friends - hope you get a chance to see! It's funny!!!
    Hope you are feeling well today.

  9. Thanks for bringing us in your town. The courthouse has a nice architectural style, and we do have market day too here. Sometimes I can buy fuji apples for 20 pcs for $5. The house is really nice too.

  10. The town looks so nice. I love the flowers. I was out yesterday looking at our town's flower boxes for our Friday shoot. They were empty. No one dare plant any spring flowers this early.

    Our favorite crab restaurant that is always busy, was just sold to someone in Annapolis, so it is closed until they do the big switch over. They are opening Memorial Day. No crabs until Memorial day? Guess we had better get out my steamer and throw our two pots in the water.

    It is freezing here today. I shot something this weekend for the paper that I shot last year at the same time. I remembered I was wearing a t-shirt and short pants, and had a tan. Where is summer?

    Anyway, nice photos. I will be happy when our town gears up. We are a seasonal town. It is nice to see the tourists start coming in, but it nice to get our town back in the winter. if it just weren't so cold.

    Thanks for the Tuesday tour.

  11. Wow...I feel like I have actually been there and walked the streets..I LOVE the South. My daughter lives in Georgia and I am looking forward to my next visit with her. A gorgeous place, Georgia! And I can see that Newnan is especially so!
    Thanks for sharing ..and..um...thinking...
    Shoot! I can't think of a single funny thing to say...not one. But you know how it is ..I'll get off here and think of something hysterical that would knock you off your chair..yep...yep... I feel it...never mind! It's gone!!!
    Wait..I got one. I thought the name of your town was Newman. As in on Everybody loves Raymond? Thank heavens I ran back and checked and changed it. Newnan...I like that. MUCH better!! :)

  12. OH NO! I lost my post I guess.
    Sometimes they are held for approval but I don't see that...so..guess it is gone.
    I loved the tour of your town. It is beautiful! I LOVE the South and I'm looking forward to my next visit with my daughter in Georgia. Your town is picture post card worthy. Thank you so much for the tour.

    Ah..Reggie...I can't think of a single solitary thing funny to say today. I'm sorry.
    Just one of those...not so funny days I guess.

    Would you believe me if I told you I was one of the world greatest comics...and that I'm just having a ..dry spell? Naw...I guess not! :)

  13. LOL..NOW I see it...LOL Thanks for the laugh!
    It is right here...at the bottom..please just delete one of my...lol comments. Ok..LOL

  14. Looks like a cool place to visit!

  15. Song from Bqagman -- Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64.
    The Beatles

  16. Hi ReggieGirl, Thanks for visiting my blog... WOW--what a terrific blog you have. and 189 followers... I'm not sure I've ever seen that many before. I can understand why though. You do have such a great blog...

    I had to look Newnan up on the map... I found it--southwest of Hotlanta. I thought it must be down that way since you mentioned magnolias and gardenias... Your town (little compared to Atlanta and big compared to my hometown in VA) is so neat.. I love the way you 'sold' it....

    I enjoyed seeing photos of you and bro, and you and Prince. AND--I love your passion for animals.

    Come back to my blog anytime--and I'll return to yours.

  17. How nice to get a personalized tour of your town. I loved it!

  18. I’ve never been to Georgia, it looks beautiful!

  19. Thank you for taking an interest and visiting my blog!! I will have to ask Missy about your Daily Shoot Outs =) Looks like a lot of fun! Since it's Spring, It's time I go out and take some photos!

    Thanks Again! ~J

  20. This is like a piece of a Town Shootout, thanks for the free trip, Ms. Reggie Girl! :)

    Even the exterior of the M Nicole Designs is pretty!

    I absolutely love your Courthouse! It screams history!

  21. How nice to get a personalized tour of your town. I loved it!
    keep posting..........

  22. I want to come! The pictures have the look of Spring. I like the porch and the charm on that house, also.

  23. Just go to my blog and go to blog Archive on the right look for the post name 100th post give away, click on that and enter.

  24. im packing my bags right now xx


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