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Thursday, April 30, 2009

She-Ro's, Gigi's and English to English

I have a weekly She-Ro!! This is Ms. Laraine a super sweet lady whom I've grown to love dearly. She always has a smile on her face and kind words of wisdom to share when I see her every week. Ms. Laraine is walking in the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society this Friday. As you all know, cancer has touched my life. Actually in several says. My Grandmother and my Great-grandmother both died of breast cancer and I've had my own little run in with it of late. People like Ms. Laraine help to raise money for research for the cure. Walk on Ms. Laraine, you inspire me. I'm absolutely certain that God put you in my life at the time He did for a reason.

I'd like to give a big ole Southern Shout-Out to my good friend GingerV. Thank you so very much for the breathtaking 8x10's you sent me of native flowers and mountain views in Brasil!! They are so beautiful and I've framed them all and they are now hanging in my office over my computer for inspiration. I think of you everytime I see them. You're a doll................

We seem to be having a couple of translation problems in our kitchen lately. As you know, Prince in from London and sometimes he uses a few words when he's helping me cater that make me say "Huh"??. Me? I like to be a southern individualist and sometimes don't get all that fancy lingo..............

Cling Wrap = Saran Wrap
Decant = Put it in another bowl
Bacon = Ham (he means what I call Canadian Bacon)
Bacon Rasher = Slice of Bacon
Tart plate = pie pan
Capsicum = A green or red bell pepper (what??????)
Tin of tuna = A can of tuna
School Prawns = shrimp (again......HUH????)

Anyway, we muddle through and one day I'll learn to talk Prince real good......

I put the names in a hat for a fair pick at who gets to name next weeks subject for "Friday Shoot-Outs" and my baby Ellie picked for me..........

And the winner is gigi @afterthoughts!!!!! YAY!!! Okay Miss gigi just pick any subject you'd like but please bear in mind that it needs to be something that is easily do-able by everyone. A subject that everyone has around them in their town and leave me a comment so I can post it and then you please post it as well. Also if you don't mind please let GingerV and Gordon know because they are always so kind as to keep running lists for the gang. Today or tomorrow at the Shoot-Out will be fine. I can't wait to see what you come up with. This is your pick so do us proud girl.
a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bPUuhbPg2aQ/SfmBor6Wd3I/AAAAAAAABYk/eRbL_L6hJXg/s1600-h/wildgame+044.jpg">

I hope everyone is ready for tomorrow's "Friday Shoot-Out". The subject picked by the lovely Jen is architecture........anything and everything to do with it and your interpretation of what it is to you. I can't wait to see every ones snapshots.

Hope everyone has a wicked Thursday............

**"Thursday's child has far to go"**

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Lol, I love the fact that I know what your Prince means when he says bacon etc... it's quite fun to see sometimes we really do speak different languages. I had a couple of comments on my blog the other day which highlighted this too and it wasn't something I thought about before, I am going to have to provide translations from now on :) luv Karen x

  2. Hello! Me? Sure you got that right little lady? Ummm thinking!
    Speaking of Wicked! I'm going to see it Saturday! Can't wait!
    Thinking, thinking, thinking...

  3. Good Morning, Funny thing about you and Prince in the kitchen. Nalley's from MI and I'm from GA and even we call things different names! I have my Friday Shoot Out photos ready for tomorrow. Can't wait to see everybody's interpretation of the subject! Hope you are having a good day.

  4. I'm a Southern gal and I call Saran Wrap "Cling film". Too much watching of the Young Ones and Monty Python, I suppose!

  5. Love your kitchen translations!

    And I'd love to see your flower pictures you got!

  6. Good Morning Beautiful lady!
    I would be lost at the words your prince says in the kitchen. I bet you get use to the quick though.
    Thank you for the intro of Mrs. Laraine, she looks like a great gal.
    Have a Beautiful day!

  7. For next weeks May 8th Friday's Shoot Out what about Gardens, you know, Vegetable Garden, Flower Garden, Butterfly Garden, Botanical Garden, Zen Garden, hey even the Olive Garden! Your own, your mama's, your neighbors, the city's. Garden supplies, Garden tools, Garden ornaments, Garden furniture.
    That okay with everyone? Remember "No Rules" your own interpretation!
    Have fun gardening!

  8. My Little T walks in the Relay for Life every year. Both his grandparents died of cancer. I am so proud of that boy!

    May miss one more week of the shoot out. Tons of construction going on at the little house, yardsale at the church and company is on the way. Please forgive me but do not give up on me. I'll be back in the shoot out soon...I promise!

  9. Does Prince make you the classic English breakfast? (Bacon, eggs, baked beans . . .and on and on). We love it!

  10. I love hearing different cultures terms for things!! I would say "tin of..." all the time if I remembered ( i like it so much better than can) :)

  11. Elvis is adorable! I enjoyed your kitchen slang. Thanks for the chuckle.

  12. Oh, girl you even pick names better than me. I just called in my husband and told him to be make my secret name picking official.

    Funny kitchen jargon there. I have a friend whose husband is British. She will get a kick out of that.

    I wanna see the photos on your wall.

    Anyone heard from Loida?

    Good assignment, Gigi.

    Yea, to Ms. Loraine! Thanks!

    A Happy Thursday to everyone.

  13. Very fun post! Love the translations! Happy Thursday!

  14. Hi Reggie Girl, thanks for your invitation!! Yes, i m very interested in joining '"Friday Shoot-Outs". How should i go about? Thanks in advance for your guidance and advice ;). Have a great day snapping 'architecture' photos!!

  15. Reggie Girl,
    British food terms are funny by themselves (prawns are big shrimp but I've never heard the term use outside of a restaurant.) but you make them funnier! Guess what I have coming? My hubby has ordered me a new computer (he must have read my long and sorry explantation to you) so it looks like I'll be joining your Friday shoot out sooner than I thought!

  16. love your english translations...have got many more eg. bonnet of car-hood; boot of car- trunk; trousers-pants; flannel- face cloth...and so on....
    i have lost 12 people in my family from cancer...so it is very prevalent in my life too...admire you for your bravery. now, do send me your address before this saturday so that i can send you your art!

  17. Love your positive spirit Reggie! Can understand why you and Ginger are friends!

  18. Love the kitchen slang... lol you crack me up!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I love the term "She-ro!" So much better than "heroine," I think. I'm going to use it if you don't mind, since I've got many she-roes in my life to honor. Thanks for the chuckle over the kitchen terms, too. Love your blog!

  20. Great post! By the way, did your dog actually pick out one piece of paper!

  21. Thanks Regg for the offer to join the Friday Shoot out... I will decline although it looks like loads of fun!!!! I have so many people visiting my blog --that I have to spend LOTS of time visiting all of theirs. I just can't do anything else at this time. I haven't done any memes yet --but maybe in the future I will.

    My very best friend (Atlanta) has Breast Cancer (and it has returned). She's going through treatment now --but I'm sure worried about her. Your Loraine is a special lady!!!! God Bless You!!!


  22. Once again I wondered on over here for a visit and have the biggest grin on my face from ear to ear.
    I love the puppy of the day ,
    and oh what fun I had while I stroled along blog lane this evening.
    Thank you for a wonderful place to just come and hang out .It had been one of those days you just want to kick off your shoes and turn off the phone or run away from home :) only for a moment .
    Blessings and hugs .

  23. Tin, underground, prawns, cling film. I had the same problem when I relocated to London. I studied American English in uni, so was completely floored, when faced with the London lingo. And the accent. Maybe Prince has a good ol' Cockney accent, innit? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  24. Please tell Prince I use exactly the same words but with an Aussie accent.

    Love you both xxxxx

  25. Ms. Laraine is my new hero! I owe a deep debt of gratitude to people like her!

  26. I know someone who uses those phrases but with an Irish accent, and once a wales client, or is it a client from wales :)

    I list recently a post on southern words, like wurst is better than nothin...

  27. Reggie Girl, what a whirlwind of a tour! And I have lots of friends from across the pond, so I'm used to the terms. One of the boys' teachers is an Aussie, so I find them and myself using the Aussie slang too! My favs of the photos are the Blue screen door and stairs, the fading and running coca cola sign on stapler's country store, the shaded gazebo with the sunny house and trees, and the clothesline across the porch, though I can imagine walking out that door and literally clotheslining myself!


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