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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan - City Of Homes

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This Tuesday I'd like to introduce you to the people who make everything happen in Newnan. I was invited down to the Employee Appreciation Luncheon given by City Hall to recognize all the hard work that makes our town run so smoothly. The officials were having a big cookout with all the trimmings!! The City of Newnan always recognizes and encourages an atmosphere of community amongst our town's people who always work so hard to make our fair city a better place to live and work. They treat each and every individual in our town like family which makes Newnan, Georgia the best place on earth to live........this is God's Country!!

Come on, let's go............****(NOTE - Please click on the first couple of pictures to see them.....my blogger power had a little uploading "issue" this morning)******................

I met my hostess for the day, Linda, at the Office of Business Development and Main Street to stroll on over to the cook-out.............

The city employees enjoying their lunch. All the policemen, firemen, every worker of every department was invited...........

This is sweet Ms. Tracy Dunnavant our City Planner..........

The beautiful Ms. Ellen Crawford from our Building Department........

Mike Furbush of the City Of Newnan Beautification Department......he makes sure our town looks beautiful all of the time...........

Cleatus Phillips, Director of Community Development was grilling a few burgers.......

Jimmy Hemming of the Cemetary Department. He makes sure our historic cemetaries in town look fabulous every day............

No cookout around here would be complete without a nice big bowl of peach cobbler!! This stuff was amazing.......I think I ate TWO bowls...........

This is Bob Coggin one of our City Councilmen and our Chief of Police Buster Meadows. They were telling me that they grew up together and have known each other all of their lives. I go to church with Buster and work on our churche's transportation committee with him. He makes things happen at our church as well as in our fair city. He's a super nice guy and hey, it always pays to know the Chief of Police, lol...........

This is George Alexander, another of our City Councilmen........

This is our wonderful mayor Keith Brady doing a little grill time. You hear nothing but good things about our mayor and he's loved by everyone...........

This is Mr. Hank from the City Of Newnan shop. He helped me move a couple of things that I was trying to move by myself. Who says there aren't many gentlemen left?? In my town, chivalry lives........Thanks Hank!!...........

I had a wonderful time at the Employee Appreciation Cookout. I knew so many people there and met some new people who were all so friendly, welcoming and of course super nice. I hope I get invited next year (hint, hint Linda) so I can meet more of the people who make Newnan the beautiful and special place that it is..........it's like one big family. Come on down and visit us sometime. We'll roll out the red carpet for you and treat you like family as well. Heck, we might even make you some peach cobbler.

*****"My hometown......this is my hometown" ~~~Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen~~~*****

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of good food!

  2. Hi Reggie,

    The pics of the people of Newnan give me such a good feeling of warmth and friendliness; everyone is a neighbor and friend.

    I was going to say, "I envy you and Prince" but actually I don't. I envy living in a town that friendly.U

  3. Looks like a great day and nice friendly people. I now want peach cobbler!!!!

  4. It takes a lot of good people to make a good town. Looks like you got it going, gal.

    I think I am catching up. Not sure. Did I forgot anyone in the shoot out last week? I saw we had another "My Town" shooter.

    I tried to guilt my friend into hurrying up my shoot out tee, I am still waiting. I will catch up on that later, too, I guess.

    We are awash in pollen. I have never seen so much pollen!

    Well, gotta run. My husband just told me the microwave quit working.

  5. I'm there! Love peach cobbler :)

  6. That is so nice of your little city having an Employee Appreciation Cookout... I'm sure those employees really enjoyed that special meal. The food looked wonderful!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Regg.

  7. Yum on the peach cobbler! I think it's about time to make me some!

    As always lovely post my dear friend!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. What a lovely thing to do - appreciate the people who keep the city beautiful and running right. Mmmmm ...pass me some of that peach cobbler, please!

  9. What a fabulous community!!! I LOVE southern hospitality! You really know how to have fun! Great post!

  10. First, I love the puppy-of-the-day idea - especially when it supports a no-kill shelter!

    Your town looks like a great place of many upstanding citizens!

  11. Looks like a great time...that peach cobbler makes my mouth water!

  12. Beautiful town. I miss my camera... Yikes.. Another few weeks before my MIL comes to visit and brings it back...

  13. I'd say you have a city of very good sports!

  14. good job people. looks like lots of fun.

  15. nice function. you are such a busy little girl - I know they all love you.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can I tell you how hard I laughed at Jesus-tap-dancin-Christ??!!! So glad you are a new stalker for my blog. Be sure to float on by a little later today, when I put up my 100th post giveaway!

  17. Looks like everyone had a great time - they all look like such nice people! And that peach cobbler...YUM!!! :)

  18. WOW! What an awesome town....I hope to get there one day. The peach cobbler sent me over the edge!!!

  19. I like those two fellows--the city councilman and the chief of police. They look great in their chefs' aprons!

  20. you are soooo lucky....what happy genial folk. i haven't forgotten the pic for you, thought to send you an african one/two..is that okay? also, did you send me your address? send again if you did, can't remember....

  21. Ever thought of going into real estate business? I'm telling you, those agents would be paying you premium. Your images are good, the tone of your posts is uplifting and in these times of economic downturn they could do with some help ;-). Just a thought, will be back to collect my commission, haha!

    Many thanks for another brilliant tour.

    Greetings from London.


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