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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ten Questions, Just Bring Them On!

I 've got nothing!!!!!!!!!

So far that is. Been busy, busy, busy this week. Let's see......

* Monday - Do as much in advance as possible for Tuesday and Wednesday
* Tuesday - Prepare and deliver catered lunches
* Wednesday - Prepare and deliver catered lunches
* Chemo on Thursday
* Friday Shoot Out and begin preparation for a catering event
* Today - Newnan Coweta Humane Society Rabies Clinic Part Deaux

I'm leaving for Rabies Clinic in a little while and will post the snaps of it later. I love doing this clinic!! You meet the sweetest animal's and their people.

Since I have nada, nothing, zippo until then, I taking the 10 best questions that you may have. Please entertain me with your best questions and I will most surely answer them tonight.

This is a two song Saturday.......
******"Once I had a secret love" (specifically for Butler and Bagman)
~~~~Doris Day

******"I wanna be a Cowboy baby" (substitute Cowgirl where needed :)******
~~~~~Kid Rock~~~~~

Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. If you could be any dog in the world which one would you be and why?

    Me? Chesapeake Bay Retriever...for obvious reasons.

  2. Hi Lovely, a question mm...? If you could be a fly on the wall whose wall would you choose to be on?.. can be anyone alive or dead and why?...

    Thank you for your sweet comments, you are duly entered into my giveaway, good luck!! hope your chemo goes well, healthy wishes to you.)))

  3. One question, huh. Well.. let's see..I will have to refer to Prince here.
    What is one thing about Prince that,no matter how often you see him or are around him, still gives you butterflies in the tummy?

  4. I didn't know you catered lunches and delivered them...is this for seniors? I am fairly new to your blog, so if you have blogged about it in the past...sorry for a repeat.
    Hope chemo went well. Praying for you.

  5. Have you always lived in a small town, in Georgia?

  6. Your camera is dying. You only have one shot left. To your right there is a beautiful rainbow. To your left, there is an approaching tornado. Which would you take take a photo of? And why?

  7. And for my funny question: If you could make Prince a magical hat what kind of hat would it be and what kind of material would it be made of? What magical powers would that hat give him?

    If he could only wear that special hat one day a week, what day of the week would you have him wear it? Why?

  8. What was the highlight of your week?

  9. Where would you like to visit if you had the chance and the trip was free?
    Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Have you always had such a love for animals?

  11. I've been on blog hiatus last week and visiting my friends again today! Have fun at the clinic today and looking forward to the animal pics!

  12. If there was one thing you'd change about your life what would that be?

    lame I know.

  13. I am humming with you, as I lay on the couch *sniff* with my head and sinus ouwies (sp?) today...Hope all is going well, you are in my thoughts!

  14. Hello. You have a wonderful blog and I love what you are doing for animals. A question - Do you think dogs have souls? [My dog Simi is here as I write and says, "I could answer that!] Hope the chemo goes well. Love from Sicily.

  15. Let's see...

    What is the one thing in your life that, although was awful when it happened, you are now glad it did?

  16. Question: If I could touch one persons life and make it better (other than my family and me) who would it be? That is what friends are for, and you (Reggie) do a good job of it.

    I enjoyed your animals very much.
    I'm sure to be missing Shoot-out posters on my list. If anyone comes to mind let me know.
    I loved doing the animals and think that this week will be fun, also. Keep the faith. Gordon

  17. What is your all time favorite love story movie?

    Mine is Lady Hawk. If you have not seen it you should!

  18. hope this isn't a repeat because blogspot gave me an error.
    the food police have stepped in. you are only allowed one snack for the rest of your life. what is it? (I've got dibs on the white chocolate!) :o)

  19. What is the one thing that you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to doing yet?

  20. *Living on the spit - any of MY dogs....I wish that I had their life! But specifically, I'd just be a good ole mutt and you are too funny :)....
    *Selchie - I would be a fly on Maya Angelou's wall :)....
    *Audrey - His smile...it get's to me every time no matter what :)....
    *He and Me +3 - no it's not for seniors. I'm a caterer but I do deliver fruit and turkey's to our church members when my church does it :)...
    *Robyn - I'm orginally from the Gulf Coast and used to live on Dauphin Island in Alabama, a small barrier island about 6 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico :)....
    *Patty!!! That's like 5 questions, lol...I would take a snap of the rainbow. I don't chase bad weather and who doesn't love a darned rainbow?
    AND.....I would make Prince a hat out of the finest silk and it would five him the power to rule my heart. Oh wait, he already does :)....
    *Don - I would say Wednesday night. I ride the church bus to pickup the kiddos who don't have a ride to Awana's. I love them all to pieces and when they hug me my heart melts :)...
    *Tales from my Empty Nest - Rio de Janiero
    *Littletoesandcheerios - Yes ALWAYS. An animal gives you unconditional love which is more than I can say for humans sometimes :)....
    *Michele - I would change nothing!! All roads led me to today :)....
    *Chef E - feel better please. Thinking of you right now as I'm cooking my lil heart out :)...
    *Welshcakes - I know that dogs have souls. One of my favorite movies is "All Dogs Go To Heaven" because they do :)....
    *Mary@HolyMackerel- my first marriage...thought it sucked I got some beautiful children from it that are my life :)...
    *Papa and Mema - My Lil Bro....he has a really hard time with our past and huge abandonment issues because he doesn't remember our parent's very much at all. I am honored to be your friend Papa and keep the faith? One of my favorite sayings and thank you, you've touched my life:).......
    *Noe Noe - Gone With The Wind. Scarlett and Rhett were wildly in love despite the fact that they couldn't live together. Then...Dr. Zhivago :).....
    *Lisa Lind - that's a toughie girl!! I think that I culd never live without red grapes :)...
    *Noelle - I've always wanted to go on a Safari in Africa and still hope to one day soon :)...

    Thank you all so very much. Knowing you makes me a better person!

    Wishing ou an EXTREME weekend and...

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  21. i enjoyed the questions and the answers, mine would've been who do you admire most in the world and why?

  22. I could not come up with a unique queation, but I sure enjoyed reading the others and your answers. I know you must be exhausted tonight. Hope you are feeling better and as always I keep you in my prayers.

  23. I have passed on an award to you which you can pick up on my blog. There are two - choose either one you want! I love what you do - keep on, keepin on.

  24. Beautiful dogs. Hope your chemo is going well.

    I'm so glad you'd like to go to RIo de Janeiro. For a small fee (like my round trip airline ticket) I am volunteering to be your Portuguese translator, okay?

    I was in Rio three times, in July 1967, '68, and '69 for a week to 10 days each time during my two years in Brazil. Of course it was winter there, so it was cool and rainy some days, but it was warm enough for the beach on other days. Spring or Fall are probably the best times to travel there. Summer (winter here) is way too hot. My favorite place in the entire world, where I would love to travel again is Machu Picchu in Peru.

  25. chemo? I missed something. I'm new to this blog. Are you a Cancer survivor?


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