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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers, Protests, Signs and Stained Glass

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What georgeous weather we've been having here in Newnan, Georgia!! I was out and about a good deal this week and I love the beautiful flowers that are blooming everywhere and the fact that we can all get outdoors again (and back to capri's and flip flops!).

Today I have to go to the doctor for more blood work. I'm a person who pretty much despises going to the doctor and lately feel like I live from one medical appointment to the next. It's autopilot these days. I find that I listen to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" a lot these days where she sings about clouds and ice cream ant not knowing life at all...........

Tomorrow's "Friday Shoot-Out" subject is : MY HOMETOWN NATIVE FOODS AND RESTURANTS.
Please join us if you haven't..........our "gang" will be spotlighting foods, resturants and watering holes in our town. I can't wait to see everyone's snaphots.....Friday has become one of my favorite days of the week for more than the obvious usual reason.

A close up of a beautiful white miniature Azalea that I saw yesterday.....

A close up of a "Pride Of Mobile" Azalea that I saw. I'm orginally from Mobile and whenever these bloom it brings back so many childhood memorie's. There is a big area there called The Azalea Trail that is a place of great beauty when in bloom.....

I was in town yesterday delivering lunches when I went by City Hall and saw the crowd protesting the stimulus plan and yet more spending. I spoke to this lady who said that she home schools her children and was teaching them about government so she brought them out for an interactive lesson. It seems to me that right now we are calling ALL spending "stimulas spending" and that phrase seems a tad desperate me.........

Protester's lined the outside with signs. Read Our Lips............

A sign in the Alpha and Omega house for youth. Don't you wish that you really could charge $5.00 per whine? I could take a lil vacation to see GingerV in Rio with that money. It would probably only take a couple of weeks if I got to collect it per whine (if our kiddos are reading this, yes of course I mean you, lol)......

A close up shot of some beautiful stained glass in one of our beautiful churches.....

The entire picture of the stained glass behind the baptistry in the above shot. WOW!! Isn't that awesome? I do so love stained glass...........

Thank you all for your lovely comments!! I'm sorry that I'm so incredibly behind on mine and answering your's. Just know that I read them all and they all make me smile and feel cared for. I never dreamed that when I began blogging that I would meet much wonderful and loving people from all around this beautiful world. I promise to catch up soon.

***"The true bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be"***
~~~~Konrad Lorenz~~~~

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Reggie Girl


  1. Gorgeous photos...as usual! You sound a bit overwhelmed, but if you get a moment, head on over to my little kitchen (I've left you something :)

  2. You catch up with your health! Good luck today at the Dr. and with your blood work. Praying all is GOOD!

    Once again great pictures. Look forward till tommorrow.

  3. I'm going through the Dr every other week right now so I'm sending hugs and prayers.

    As always lovely shots. No Friday shoot out for me tomorrow. Forgiveness please? Reason you ask? We have no resturants here. Do I owe $5 for all the whine?
    Take care chickie.

  4. I miss azaleas so much...those were gorgeous. I understand there were tons of tea parties all over the US yesterday. Hmm...

  5. Good luck at the doctor's office. Can't wait to see your photo-shoot. I'm putting mine together but I (I'll pay my $5.00 for whining right now) never get out much in real life, so my shootout might be a bit mundane or strange...what else is new. Poor me. Come get your $5.00.

  6. Love your photos. The stained glass if so beautiful. I had heard about the "Tea Parties" on my facebook, fun to get your local news.

    As I read your quote from Konrad Lorenz, my dog was laying next to me! Kudos's to you for raising awareness. A++ My dog is my best buddy no doubt.
    Be well

  7. I wish you luck at the doctor's. It can be quite daunting. The photos were amazing. I quite liked the chap with the 'Up Yours' sign. And Joni Mitchell. Well... I'm a fan.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Great pictures. Was never able to get azaleas to do well. Envy that.

    No tax uproar here, unless it is about the golf course and "come here commuters" down to Cape Charles increasing the tax rate.

  9. I Love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. It makes me totally want to visit your town.
    I to have made some wonderful friends in blog land, it makes me so blessed.

  10. Lovely photos! I too, find stained glass in Churches absolutely beautiful. Our Pastor spent an entire Service telling the story of all our windows, fascinating! What struck me most of the Sermon, was at the beginning...when he shared the fact that stained glass keeps the 'world' out during our time of worship...only the sun comes through the windows.
    Excellent post!

  11. I'm with you on not liking to go to the doctor's office... for any reason. However, I've found myself there far too often lately. It's just not fun getting old.

    The pictures are lovely! We had lots of blooms until our hail storm last week. Now, not so many.

    There was a huge *Tea Party* here yesterday & another scheduled for this coming Saturday. Hubby just paid almost a third of our income last year in taxes & he's hopping mad, saying he's going to the rally on Saturday. I just wish there weren't so many nuts at the rallys. It would certainly be easier to believe in. I just don't understand why the president is doing the things he's doing & I'd like some more explanation as to why. When did the presidency become a dictatorship anyway? All of this is scaring the pants off me!

  12. You and I must have spring time on our minds, since I too posted flowers and blossoms today. But I love your photos more, they are closer up and sharper! I really need to work on my skills a bit. :-) take care, debby

  13. Very Nice shot and the stained glass is really great......

  14. Newnan seems like a peaceful place. I can just imagine strolling those roads and then meeting you! You'll invite me to your house and feed me something like a lost kid LOL.

    Anyway, same here, Friday has become my favorite day of the week because it's time for showing off and learning stuff! I have already written my post but would post it tomorrow morning, Friday.

    I bet those protesters enjoyed because you took photos of them, hahaha! No spending? I thought there's the Stimulus thing going in the US?

    The stained glass is amazing!

  15. What a nice mix of photos. Tea party, eh? Those little kiddos must have lied about their ages when they applied for jobs at McDonald's.

    Hope your blood work comes out well. Hello to Prince from the whole gang here.

    See ya on the 'morrow for the good eatin' drinkin' town shoot out.

  16. BTW: Love the stained glass photos.

  17. So where do pencils go on vacation?

    Yeah I know cheesy but hope it made you smile.
    I love six year olds and their jokes.

    Loved all the pictures as usual you really are amazing .
    Blessings of joy and peace to you today.

  18. Beautiful photos of the azaleas and, wow, that stained glass window is absolutely glorious.

    What a lovely blog you have, Reggie Girl! I'm so pleased to 'meet' you. Thanks so much for stopping by my place and for your lovely comment...I'm off now to read more of your posts and oogle your wonderful photographs.

    Warm good wishes that everything turns out fine after your visit to the doctor. xxx

  19. Reggie girl, here's you apologising for not being out and about on other blogs, and no wonder - All this material and travelling captured here - And me just catching up with yours after another week again - The days aren't long enough for all this fun!

    Take care, have a great weekend! x

  20. Wonderful photos, the stain glass is awesome!!!! I thought that I was following you, obviously I wasn't...but I am now. Not chasing you, mind you, quietly following. I don't know what the bloodletting is about with you and the docs but I sure hope that it turns out to be nothing but perhaps a mild blogging condition! Thanks for stopping by my site...I do hope I made you laugh, I tried!

  21. I really love the stained glass photos. There's something really special about how sunlight shines through coloured glass that soothes the soul.

  22. Prayers for God's healing touch on your life. Beautiful pictures, andrea

  23. I'd love to join the "Friday Shoot-out" but I'm on foot at the moment. It will take a little planning. It was fun attending my first protest yesterday! My 16 year old son was with me. I've taught him at home his whole life. My oldest went to K and 1st in public school. The stained glass is gorgeous. I love stained grass too.

  24. I left you something on mine. :)

  25. Hi Reggie - from Mobile? A while back I wrote about Mobile and the azaleas and the Azalea Trail and Trail Maids. By the way I live in Citronelle.

    I too love stained glass. Your photos are good.

    Hope you are having a nice day.

  26. I'm going out to do my photos tomorrow morning - hoping to have it up by the time it's morning in America :)

  27. Great title and post.... I love the flower photos...not the flower children per say...but hey if you want to say something a sign is always an option. :D

  28. Thanks for the kind invite for Friday Shoot outs..we live in the sticks..it is 14 miles to the nearest town that doesn't have much. We have a berg 3 miles away that you could blink and miss..it has one Cafe..only open "some" days when they feel like cooking. I will try to watch the assignment..and if I can do one from a country point of view I will.
    Keep smiling..those Doctors visits can't be any fun at all.
    The Azaleas and stained glass are beautiful:)

  29. I love that puppy in your daily puppy. He/she is beautiful.. I havent been around the last couple of days and I would do a Friday post about our unique eatings but I left my camera at my MILS house on Saturday. they are planning a trip this way around the 1st of the month.. Hopefully I will do one then. It will be late but better late than never..

  30. Love all the pics- but isn't that stained glass just too cool?! :o)

  31. thinking of you at the docs....love your doggie quote, and all the flowers, they certainly cheer us up. btw, i do not sell my art, would love you to have something of mine to hang in your home, all i ask is that you give a donation to your favourite charity for it...so e mail me when you have a chance.

  32. Reggie Girl,

    I love that Joni Mitchell song ....*humming* ..
    and the stained glass window and azaleas, which don't grow where I am even though the climate would be good, the soil is not.

    And the whinging sign hahaha.

    Tomorrow (which is actually my Saturday) I will post the Friday shots!


  33. Regge girl, we are all praying that you recover, and you can say see ya later allegator to all those doc's...

    I haven't known what the shoot out theme was, so I will have to snap off a few pictures tomorrow... (Native foods, that could be a challenge, maybe I will suprise you all) ;p

  34. Sorry about all of the Dr.'s visits....hugs and prayers!

    It's official, I'm in LOVE with Buzz...:)

    Stained glass? Noe Noe's FIL, God rest his soul, made me a beautiful window hanging...I'll have to post about that. It's purple!!!

  35. "I never dreamed that when I began blogging that I would meet much wonderful and loving people from all around this beautiful world."

    It is incredible, isn't it? Sometimes I think that my blogger friends know me better than my regular friends.

  36. Just love azaleas! I see them in the garden centers here in AZ. I always laugh when I see them. No way. Not in my yard (full sun).
    Great pictures!
    Hope you don't have to have too many more Dr. appointments. I'm sending thoughts of health and happiness your way!

  37. I am up and ready for Friday Shoot Out on my TMI blog now! Make sure I posted the right links...E

  38. Hey, I'm up for Friday Shoot out April 17. It took three different post but I made it!!

  39. Dearest Reggie Girl,
    I hope I could charge my officemates $5 each whining too! I would be very rich if I could. Oh yeah.. :)

    Have a lovely weekend with your Prince.


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