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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Please Join Us For Friday Shoot-Out's


We have a GREAT thing going here in bloggy land and please join us!! Last week's subject was "Wildlife Around You" and I found this elephant in my backyard. Notice, I have a gate to keep him out, thank goodness!! (And yes Noe Noe Girl it was in the woods behind my house and I wanted to keep it out. I just couldn't face picking up the poo).

This is YOUR personal invitation, shameless begging, or whatever it takes to get you on board with us. Patty @ Crisfield, Maryland and I started with friendly little shoot out to showcase our towns. We love our beautiful towns and we'd like to see yours. Now we have Barry representing Ontario, HalfCrazy representing Manila, GingerV representing Brasil, Papa representing Florida, Butler and/or Bagman representing Charleston, J9, Si, Oz Girl and loads of other's...too many to mention because my brain is fuzzy this morning, lol).

This week's "Friday Shoot-Out" subject was chosen by the beautiful and kindhearted GingerV of Flowers and More in Brasil. She has chosen:

"My Town - The Four". The Four (okay 5 or 6 is fine) main corner's of your town. The traffic, the people, the vendor's, the storefront's, the alley's, maybe even the trash bins. Every town has a Main Street or a First Street, a Maple Street, a Washington Street or a Broad Street. This is by far the easiest and I think one of the most interesting assignments that we've had so far. Even small towns have stores and traffic and people.

Folks that I would love to see join:

Marlene @ Livin on the spit
Don@ Musings and Misc thoughts
The Pink Cowboy
Frugal Scholar
Mildred @ Nalley Valley
Chuck @ Secondary Roads
Girl E Chef
Robyn @ An Alaskan Family
Sugamama (Reigning Miss Cuga 2009)
And YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Gordon over at Papa and Mema's has so graciously offered to try to keep a list going of participant's and he is doing an awesome job.....YAY Papa (and I still want to go fishing with you and Mema and Scruffy).

So, come on..........JOIN UP. The only rules are that there are no rules. Just follow the assigned subject and shoot away. Post on Friday's and let everyone else have a little look at your hometown. Throw that camera in your car and take a few snapshots. It only takes a few minutes and no one is here to critique your work or your interpretation of the subject matter. We just want to see your town through your eyes and camera. It's like taking a trip for free and having a sight-seeing tour with you as a personal guide.

Okay, no actual "shooting" takes place so no need to call in the ATF. Just a friendly little camera is involved.

What are you waiting for..........start taking pictures and join the fun. The only thing you have to lose is making a few new friends from all over the world.
I swear y'all (for you Si) someone needs to call Ellen or Oprah or some darned body with a little pull. Maybe they'll fly us ALL out for a meet and greet in some big fancy hotel. We'll drink champagne, go to the day spa, have a fancy cocktail party hosted by George Clooney, the Cary Grant of our times. We can all post picture's. (Okay, a girl's gotta have a dream right???).

****"But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles;they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint."
~~~~Isaiah 40:31~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to see the world and make new friends. I hope to get out and about with the camera soon and join in the fun.
    Hope you enjoy this beautiful day.

  2. One of my favorite scrips! I read your post got down to the bottom and secretly prayed Let my name be there, let my name be there!
    WOO HOOO! I wanted to join a few weeks ago but didn't know if it was ok!
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hey Reggie Girl, give me a couple more weeks, and then i will gladly join in on the photo shoots. Still can't walk without crutches to aid me, and driving is out for now, but I counting down the days until I can hop in my car and doing a bit of walking around, and then I will join in on the fun! It really is a great thing going, and we all have Patty and you to thank. As for that dream of yours, sounds REAL good to me. hey, if we give up our dreams, what do we have left but nothing!! So keep 'em, they keep us young and hopeful. cioa girlfriend, Debby

  4. Great post! I will copy and post on my site. Let's all do the same. Steal it from Reggie Girl and pass on the invite.

    The whole world is invited! And everyone should know this is all about interpretation! No rules, no rules, no rules. And everyone will get their turn at picking our assignments. Well, it has to be "family" rated. Got that B&B?

    Hawaii joined us last week. We also have another Canadian on our "tour" list, and we had another newbie join us. I added them on Twitter which is on my sidebar at the top of my blog.

    Reggie Girl, who gets to pick after GingerV? I like to shoot when I see 'em.

    Thanks for a great post.

  5. Boo hoo...I will miss out...although Charleston has a definite center...an intersection call the 4-corners of law. So my shootout will be sometime in a few months when I get down there. Meantime, I'm waking up from dreams with pillows over my head too! Email me, Seriously Dude.

  6. I am glad you liked the magnets. I buy the magnetic 4 x 6 frames at Wal-Mart or Michael's and just print out the recipe and the neighborhood kids love to stick the stickers on when they visit. You could easily match up stickers with whatever recipe you are printing. Maybe the AWANA kids could help you with that project. I think of you often and pray that you are getting stronger. Take care and thanks for your friendship.

  7. It is a great project. Enjoy all of the various photo essays all y'all out up.

    Have a camera finally. But will be out of town - in cherry blossom land (DC and Northern Virginia) for a family reonion. But will see if I can find a chink in a schedule with a bunch of half(?) crazy wild and wooly Halls to get this done.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by and following me! I'm anxious to get to know you better and read your posts!

    Have a great Sunday!


  9. Hmmmm...this is an interesting project. I may have to get in on this one. My town actually has lots of Civil War history! It's a small town, no stoplights, the population has increased from 2500 in 1986 to 4800 in the past couple of years...I'll work on this!

  10. See you friday!
    I want a picture of you on the elephant!

  11. I think I'd like to play along.

  12. Love to be there with nature.Interesting! Not been seeing you in my blog. Pl. come over.

  13. Dear Reggie Girl, I think I can still join. Still got the time to shoot our time before leaving.. See you on Friday. Have a lovely day with your Prince.

  14. Fine post. I will try to do the My Town bit, but can't promise.

  15. I'm getting excited for Friday, looks like we'll have tons of participants and free town trips and a lot of exciting and interesting stuff to look at! I also invited people in my blog to join us! LOL

  16. Reggie Girl,
    I will probably join you for Friday shoot-outs. I thought about what scenes to shoot for Four Corners... but I'm out of town for the week. Spring Break! (Oceanside, CA)
    If not immediately upon my return. I will for sure once summer comes. Thanks for the invite, and the special invite.
    Let's see... and for your laugh...
    I thought of you today when Drew Carey ended the Price is Right with a plea to the audience to please spay and neuter your pets.


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