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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wacky Wednesdays Are For The Birds!

I certainly can't take credit for this awesome picture though I wish that I could. A girlfriend sent it to me and isn't it cool?

I've been so slammed in my catering business that this is all I've got today. Hey, I'm not complaining. I couldn't ask for more!! I love to stay busy and of course the payola is a huge plus.

But, I do make my own bird food because I love to see my feathered friends all around my yard. This recipe is so easy and makes quite a bit so it lasts for awhile. We have many birdhouses and feeders around our yard. We've been spying nests being made and getting ready for eggs and courting dances of male birds trying to impress the ladies with their mating rituals. Boy, they really put themselves out there sometimes, don't they? Of course, most of the ladies play it coy, cool and hard to get!
Try this wonderful wild bird food...........the birds around your house will love it!!

****2 pounds lard, 2 cups flour
36 oz jar peanut butter, 2 cups cornmeal
8 cups wild bird seed mix

Melt ingredients together. Once it's cool but still liquid, pour into loaf pan lined with plastic wrap. Leave enough plastic wrap around the edges to fold back on itself. When it's solid, put it in the freezer to use as needed. I just peel back the plastic wrap, cut off a piece and put into mesh bags or wire feeders. Sit back and watch the rainbow of colors that will flock to your bird feeders for this tasty treat.

The beautiful birds that will visit for this treat will brighten your day with their brilliant colors and thrilling song. Sometimes the singing around here sounds like a musical festival and I love being enveloped in the birds' uplifting melodies.

******"Birds fly over the rainbow why oh why can't I"*******
~~~~~Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz~~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. I've never seen a bird with a Mohawk before! I notice that one of the labels you put on this post is "mating rituals." I guess feeding children when you can't even get your feet on the ground is a form of mating ritual.

  2. That is one awesome photo..
    Thanks for the recipe...

  3. I once took the most awesome photos of humming birds while sitting on a friends porch. Got to find them...glad you are keeping busy. I love how communities help support you through all kinds of things...

  4. oh my goodness.....thats an awesome shot.......

  5. I saw the list of ingredients and thought it was a catering recipe. Then I saw that it was catering for birds!

    I think I mentioned that my son and a friend are thinking of setting up a small catering biz next year, so all anecdotes, stories, recipes, tips will be avidly read.

  6. Beautiful picture! GRAND~girl #1 and I were watching a red headed woodpecker yesterday. She was really getting off on everything he was doing to our tree. We love the birds round our place. I'm amazed at how many #1 can already identify.

    I've never seen a recipe for bird food. That is so cool. I really go thru some seed around here.

    Blessings on your day!

  7. So you are catering for birds, too? Our birds are happy to get what we give them. We do keep them fed and watered. Wait a minute. Let me check. Yep. They are busy cleaning out the feeders and bathing in their drinking water. The cats enjoy the show!

    It is good that we are all busy, but I wish the clock would stop for just four hours so I could play catchup with everyone in a proper manner.

    Who is picking next week's assignment? I need to get started on that, too!

    So you want my diver? He was a cutie pie! Bagman, can we borrow your car again?

  8. Hi Reggie,

    That is such a great picture! The beauty of nature just blows me away.


  9. Beautiful birdy shot there!
    We have tons of birdies that live in and around our yard too and I love it!
    Glad you are staying busy and hope you are having fun along the way.
    Goin out for my shoot tomorrow. I think this will be fun!
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Such a sweet picture and thanks for sharing the recipe. Glad your business is good.

  11. I'm sitting upstairs and I just noticed 2 doves doing the nasty on the window sill. Not what I ordered with my coffee this morning...

  12. That is a great picture. Thanks for the recipe. My neighbor does bird feeders all the time. It is neat to see all the birds in her yard.

  13. Phantastic photo. (Or is it fantastic foto?)

    What kind of bird is that? I don't believe I've ever seen one like it.

  14. Great shot -- I have never seen a bird like that. I just came from your great comments on Us and Them about his blog anniversary contest we sponsored. I love your site. If you ever want to work together on something fun just email me anytime.


  15. glad you are busy and making money. miss your visits though. There have been beautiful photos of birds making the rounds lately and I love it.

  16. Ahh, you have a catering business!!!! You are a true hostess with all the gifts of southern hospitality! I should have known! Great to get to know you!

  17. That is one wild and crazy bird.

    I live in a treehouse (basically....) and my back yard is filled with fir trees, pine, cherry, poplar, Japanese plum, and I love feeding the birds. Thank you for the recipe suggestion!

  18. What an incredible photo! Wonder what kind of bird that is?

    Have you tried hanging orance slices rolled in birdseed on your trees in the winter? They love that too, and it doesn't leave purple poop stains on your car like the suet cake with berries I used to buy in winter. Then, again, I have English Ivy growing across the street that is so old and thick it makes berries around February. Only berries around at that time. I know when they're ripe by the return of the purple poos.

  19. Love that picture. We get a lot of hummingbirds around here. Need to remember to set up a feeder because Deaglan just loves birdwatching!

  20. Thanks for the recipe! We need to get some more birds around here. :-)

  21. great photo! even it isnt yours hehe!

  22. That picture is GREAT! Now, I'm new to hummingbirds cos we don't have them in England. We bought a hummingbird feeder last week, but I don't know when to put it out on the patio, nor what to put in it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks for showing us that picture.
    Blessings, Star

  23. Hi Regg, I love my birds ---but have never had one like the one in your picture come to my feeders!!!! ha ha ha....

    I am now excited to see my Bluebirds nesting in my backyard. Two days ago, there were 2 eggs in the nest. Yesterday there were three. Today---I hope there will be four. SO exciting. Check out my daily blogs for updates!!!!!


  24. Hey you, about the banana pudding. I really do hope you use it! It's good and for some reason you don't really notice the pineapple, you just wonder why it taste SO good. It doesn't over power it. Give it a try and let me know. My daddy would be so tickled if you really liked it too.

    Hope you are feeling okay, thinking about ya!

  25. Oh No! Not me??
    I had better put my thinking hat on.
    Secretly, I just started a class at the continuing ED Dept. of our college. It's a photography class. I'm so excited but so nervous. I just want to learn how to use my camera better!
    I'll start thinking!

  26. Great piccy!

    I am lucky enough to live in enough bushland that the birds come anyway, without a free feed. Maybe not so lucky at 5 am :)

  27. Fantastic picture. I love that you cater for the birds. And, OMG, the dog of the day is HEAVEN. Sooooooo cute!!!!

  28. Love the picture!! We have lots of birds and my cat loves to look at them through the window!

  29. Wow Reggie
    That is one awesome photo ,please tell your friend thank you for sharing ,and thank you Reggie for posting it.I love the easy to do recipe, I have never tried anything like this before.Sounds like fun.
    I can't wait to show it to my hubby .
    He recently discovered it is really cool to sit on the porch swing before work and watch the birds .
    Hugs and blessings.

  30. great photo! your friend has good taste. :)

    I would so feed the birds...except I have a squirrel. I was silk screening one my design projects, and the table is by the back window, which is next to the deck which is where I feed my squirrel.

    I looked up to my squirrel in the window, waiting for food!

    Louis might not be happy if I started having birds too.

    I would LOVE a t-shirt. :) Probably a medium would be good, I like cozy t-shirts, plus it gives it room to possibly shrink.

    :D yay! I can be a t-shirt wearing member! I don't have paypal, but I would be happy to send you a money order for the cost of the shirt.

  31. Great picture! BTW: I've been under the weather all week- and no not with the Swine Virus. Anyway, I haven't been able to get out for photo Friday, so I need to bail out. I'll try for it next week when I'm feeling better!

  32. Your bird treat sounds like a great project for D2 and I to make this weekend. I know what you mean about being busy. I've been helping my husband with his business after working full-time at my own job. I'm not complaining as we are blessed to have the business in this economy. But it's cuttin into my blog reading time. *sigh*

  33. That is so awesome shot!! Well done. The only bird I see here is the crow and they even tried to open our garbage container just to get some food :-)

  34. Thanks for the recipe. I'm a huge bird fan and feed the whole neighbourhood. In winter I hand feed Nuthatches in my back yard.

  35. What a wonderful picture!
    I made my own bird food when I was living in Michigan. Very similar recipe. I used beef suetas the base, and when the stuff was manageable I made balls to tuck between the trunks and branches of trees.

  36. Amazing woodpecker photo! Elvis is one cute puppy, too.

  37. That is an awesome picture. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  38. What? I was read to pile accolades on you for this most magnificent photo... well, you can pass it on to your friend then. It's absolutely beautiful, what a great capture she got!!!

    Like you, I enjoy our birdsong out here in the country... it DOES sound like a musical festival somedays! :)


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