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Friday, April 24, 2009

Next Friday's "Friday Shoot-Out" Subject!!

Hey you.......yeah YOU!!!!! You wanna join a gang?????? Please join us for Friday Shoot-Outs. We have participant's all over the world.....Canada, Brasil, China, Japan, Manila,Australia, France, Aukland, Hawaii and all over the United States!!

Come join us. The only person we're waiting for is YOU!!

The subject for next Friday's Shoot-Out has been picked by the beautiful and talented Jen. This week Patty picked a random name from a pile of names and next week I will pick. We've decided to take turns. The next 2 newbies to the group will get one of these gang t-shirts. I had these t-shirts custom made. One for myself, one for Barry and two more to entice newcomer's. We would love to see your town.

"How about architecture - old and crumbling, new and shiny, in between. The beauty of structures - or the eyesore they can become. Abandoned, or bursting with life and activity, buildings tell a story.

Everyone could do that, right?".*****

This is soooo simple, that's part of the beauty of this project......simplicity. Nothing complicated or a site for just a few but a 'free for all' ~~~ gang style :)
Who says a gang has to be bad. We have an awesome group of participant's.

Just shoot around the subject. No rules involved, no criticism, just plain old-fashioned fun in a new-fangled cyber kind of way. We want to see your town through your eyes and lens. It's rather like seeing the world for free blogger style.

Come on..............show it to us.........Come ride the highway with us all (I'm throwing gang signs as I type this post.......I'm down with it baby, lol).

****"We want you, we want you, we want YOU as a new recruit"****
~~~~~The Village People~~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. I will be in on this, I can manage in between finals! Hmmmmmm I already have some idea's.
    Hope you have one of those t-shirts in jumbo.......LOL

  2. Reggie,

    Great looking T-shirt...love the color!


  3. Thank you, Reggie and Patty and Gordan for hosting such a fun GANG! One that I have needed. I love having a theme to focus on each week. I love learning more about my town and about my camera. It's really gotten me out of my sluggishness and got me looking at the beauty that surounds me! Only thing, I am having problems with is wanting to start traveling to all the beautiful places that are highlighted each week.

    I guess I need to start a travel fund!

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend!

  4. Hello gorgeous Reggie Girl....
    Alright then! Architecture it is ...I may even go out this afternoon for a while it's lovely Autumn day blue blue sky but very windy, unusual for this time of year.
    My son's girlfriend is coming over, I've got pumpkin soup simmering ...
    And I will ..... have an extreme weekend!
    Thank you and love to you and your lovely man.

  5. Oh Dear! Was this just for me or are there other idiots like me that can't figure it out without it being *in your face*? LOL!

    Now, this one I can definitely do. It will be boring because my town is well... boring. But, you'll be able to see how we live out here in West Texas & then feel sorry for me. Haha!

    Seriously, there is beauty to be found everywhere & I'll do my best to find it here as well.

  6. Sounds good to me! I did my 'Random' Shoot Out...this afternoon...been in a weird mood with a blog hounding my post on food yesterday, calling me a 'fake'...trying no to let him get to me...

  7. sounds fun! I'll try to do it next fri.

  8. Thanks for including me in this group. It is great to join a group with similar interests.

    Do we choose a topic when it's our turn?



  9. RG --I'm not exactly sure how this works. Are you going to post a Mr. Linky? Or are we supposed to leave a comment with the url to our own post. I'm confused (not an uncommon condition for me.)

  10. i haven't been keeping up with my comments this past week....hiya and will choose you some art soon...and please send me your address..hugs

  11. thank goodness - I thought the topic was May Day - this will just be an expansion to my last friday's shoot out and fun too. hugs and kisses from Brasil

  12. I thought you had those shirts made...they are super cute. I can't wait to see the architecture pictures.

  13. Hi Reggie.....this is interesting and looks like something what i do already.......So I would like to participate and what should I do to participate in this ?

  14. Thanks for keeping everyone informed. I hope to get a little more organized this week.

    Everyone come join the party!

  15. Ok Reggie-Girl, I'm just getting back to your blog and I see you've given the subject for tomorrow's shoot out. I can't wait to do this one, and it'll be easy since I will be downtown in my city where the architecture resides.

    Will you consider doing my Self-Portrait Saturday in return? I'd love to have you! I even have Whatcha Workin' on Wednesdays if you like that better....

    Take it easy, Reggie-Girl!


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