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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out - The Main Four

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TGIF. What a week it's been!! busy, busy, busy and productive. Today, it's "Friday Shoot-Outs". The talented GingerV @ flowersandmore chose this weeks subject....The Main Four. The Main Four (5 or 6 even) intersections around our towns, storefronts, vendors, traffic lights, traffic, people, anything that represents our towns main intersections. Newnan is a very historic town and our downtown area thrives mainly around Court Square and the streets that run off and behind it. The blocks around Court Square are full of wonderful unique stores, hometown resturant's and happy people.

Thank you GingerV for choosing such a fantastic subject. I had a great time shooting this week and it reminded me of many things I love about my home town.

So without further ado, here we do........

The Carnigie Building announcing Newnan, City of Homes

A pretty house right behind town square. Since Newnan is known as The City Of Homes, I wouldn't have felt right not to throw a couple into my mix.......

Another nice house right behind the hustle and bustle......

Marquee sign at the Alamo which used to be the only movie theater in the town itself. It still has the orginal stage, the projector's and a couple of rows of the original seats inside......now there are two movie theaters way on the outskirts of town....

The intersection of Greenville Street right in the heart of downtown Newnan....

Intersection of E Court Square and Greenville Street.......

Display in Manns Jewelry window downtown......

Brothers LTD one of our most esteemed clothiers downtown. I can't remember a time when they weren't there.......

Cars, people, traffic.......

Three Sister's Bridal shop, so full of beautiful things.......

Nice graffiti on the side of a shop. I like that, "When Silence Was Golden"......

Two Sister's Knitting Nook, beautiful skeins of yarn in every color of the rainbow line the shelves that go to the ceiling. Smiling ladies and kiddos going in and out of this lovely shop........

Greenville Street Antiques.........

Fabulous by Design and The Vintage Flea store fronts. Both of these shops are chock to the walls filled with way cool stuff. I get "stuff" here........

A nice couple in love that I ran into by the square when I was out shooting for this project. I asked for a quick shot and they so kindly posed for a second. This town is just full of nice friendly people.......

Walking the dog on Washington Street............

Another dog walker on LaGrange Street..........

A sweet beautiful young couple having a bite of dinner outside the Redneck Gourmet and their rescue pup Maggie. How sweet is this picture?? I took this on Wednesday early evening and it was a beautiful evening to sit outside and have a meal al fresco......

Next week, beautiful Loida has chosen "My Home Towns Native Food and Resturant's" for the Friday Shoot Out. That should be another interesting one I think. I love seeing everyone elses town through their eyes. This is one of the highlights of my week......seeing everyone's Friday Shoot-Out pictures representing their towns.

*****"Forget all of your cares and go Downtown, things will be waiting for you"*****

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Easter and I hope that you all get a big ole chocolate egg or bunny. Sugar free of course.....oh wait....nevermind, that would be like kissing your sister wouldn't it??. Life's short. Eat the real thing :)

As we observe such a Holy holiday, lets remember the earthquake victims in Italy and their families, the tornado victims in Arkansas and their neighbor's and family, the hostages being held on ship by Pirates in Somalia and our brave, heroic soldier's and their families who fight daily to keep our country free and to allow us to observe Holy holiday's such as these.

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. RG...these photos paint the picture of a lovely, quaint town, one I would love to visit!
    Nicely done!

  2. Wow...I was thinking about couples in love for a shootout topic and you posted two already! Our minds must be in synch. Creative graffiti! Is Newnan really known as the city of homes? Does it have a monopoly on structures that people live in? Heading out to shoot food...already have eaten too much of it on vacation.

  3. I love following the pictures of your town. I'm afraid mine isn't quite as quaint or interesting. Our only 4 corners has an empty pizza shop, a vacant lot, a falling down house and a Country Fair gas station. Your's is so much more interesting!

  4. Really did enjoy seeing where you live!

  5. Hey there, Reggie Girl! Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hey. Newnan sure is a beautiful place... aren't small towns the best? I tell people our mail is always slow because the stagecoach doesn't come through here but once a week. *Snicker*
    That is wonderful about the shelter... it truly is a worthy cause.
    Love your blog- I'll be back again for another visit!

  6. I love a town with history, Reggie Girl! Your photos show a town that is not only beautiful but interesting. I'm going to have to get to Newman sometime!

    Great photos.

  7. Okay little lady, I guess I don't listen real well but I did SOMETHING! I'll do better next week.

    I loved this and hopefully I can show off our town in the same grand way that you have done. Beautiful pictures. Happy Easter!

  8. I love your town! Looks a busy little place yet very peaceful. My dogs would not know how to act if they got to walk on concrete! We have wide open spaces here!
    Happy Easter and do sport that bonnet if you have one!
    Love and Blessings my friend.

  9. Beautiful little town you have there and what a fun tour, I lurve it! Happy Easter blessings!

  10. good morning - its a beautiful day here in Cond. Stucky. I love you town amybe I should visit. It reminds me of Adrian (home town) the main street there is closed to pedestrians and has the original movie house, antique stores, a drug store etc... lovely view of your town.

  11. Lovely pics, Reggie Girl. You are a talented photographer!

  12. Honestly, I was thinking about what pictures I would take to do this post in my town...and I really struggled to come up with more than one. Now I'm sad! So once again, I'm living through your pictures :)

  13. You're right, what a great way to pay more attention to where you live, great photo essay:)

  14. Science Girl in France (http://sciencegirltraveler.blogspot.com/) is planing to join us next week as well.

    You and Patty have started a World Movement, Reggie Girl!

  15. Your town looks peaceful and clean, nice neighborhood they seem all very friendly.

  16. Love the shot of the parked cars. Also, all the doggie ones. I love animals, and I click on your puppy! :)

    You have a cool town. The graffiti one was cool too. :)

  17. Great post, Reg.... I hope the tourist bureau in Newman is paying you for all of that wonderful advertisement...

    There are beautiful homes in Newnan...

    Have a wonderful Easter... And you are right, let's all pray for those in want and need.


  18. Love the pics.... a lovely town... I'm in Brunswick Ga (south Georgia) ... not sure where you are.... but there is something about southern towns that's so nice... I'm originally from New York... I know... gasp!... a Yankee...

    I clicked on the puppy pic.. not sure what it does for you... if it helps raise money saving puppies... please let me know... and I will come back and do it often.... we have two awesom black lab mixes... one was a drop off (dunno how anyone can do that) and one was a shelter dog... they are the BEST

    Good luck with your blog... I really like it!

    Linda from Cooking Tip of the Day http://cookingtipoftheday.blogspot.com/

  19. Love the pictures...especially of a quaint town. Totally agree with your last paragraphs...good post!

  20. Hi, Reggie Girl! Very nice! Your pictures remind me so much of the little friendly Southern towns scattered all over Georgia. I think to really appreciate them you have to have experienced the warm feeling you get being amongst the people. You are one ot those folks that give others warm fuzzies. Thanks for all you do. Gordon

  21. Beautiful pictures. I so enjoyed seeing such a quaint little town.

  22. I love the second photo, top to bottom, what a pretty, neat house that is! Cadbury's! You see what you 've done :-)! And I told my son off just now because he ate his Cadbury Easter egg at his nana and did not save it for tomorrow! Oh, dear, now, where's my little stash ;-)? Happy Easter to your hubby, to you and your beautiful family!

    Greetings from London.

  23. Great pictures...i love the little shops. Reminds me of the town I grew up in. I clicked on the puppy at the top:)
    Happy Easter

  24. Loved touring Newman, such a charming town! Pretty homes, nice people, great ambiance in all your shots. Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in your Friday Shoot-Outs, they are so much fun to visit. I'm not sure if it will work with my schedule, but will most definitely keep it in mind, even if it's not every week. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  25. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are having a tornado watch until 10pm tonight. John is home for a couple of days. He has gone out in the rain to get me a pizza. Sweet. Going to my mom's for Easter. Big hugs.

  26. I love that your blog raises money for animals! Your town looks so sweet and homey. I grew up in a small town and really miss it in the summertime.

    Hope you had a great day today and Happy Easter!

  27. Wow! You did it right, Reggie Girl.

    I know what you mean about busy, busy, busy. I had so many assignments today I am just getting to my town tours.

    I think you painted a whole picture of Newnan, and a very nice picture it is.

    I like the graffiti. I also like that you did some interacting with people; looks like a lovebird paradise. I am going to have to watch out. You might get my job, though you probably wouldn't want it.

    Oh, I also liked the mix of color and black and white photos, and the antique shop, and the houses, and EVERYTHING!

    Another super duper job.

  28. ReggieGirl - Thanks for the tour of main street Newnan style! I like seeing people out and about in town, and liked the couple shot!

  29. Hi REggie Girl, I stumbled upon your blog, (coming from Soulbrush whom I visit regularly) cause I just hat a hot flash:) when I read your blog title, and what a great idea to raise money for the animals! My cat Oscar says thank you too, in the name of all his animal friends on earth:)
    Have a happy Easter, if you celebrate this, and thanks for sharing the pictures of your town. This is so very interesting cause so different from European towns..

  30. What a fantastic blog! And I LOVE the daily puppy site, too!! Thanks so much for stopping by Finding Sirius and leaving such a kind comment. I enjoyed spending some time here this morning...nice to "meet" you! :)

  31. Hi, I am so far behind in getting around to all my fav blogs and leaving comment. Just been keeping busy with other things these last days while the kids are home on easter break from school. Hubby drove me to a lovely town in Holland along the Belgium border just to get out for a little drive since I still can't get behind the wheel myself, and he bought me a huge box of home made Belgian chocolates. YUM! HE is my Easter bunny treating me to such goodies!! :-) Anyway, good shots of your town, I am so in love with the place, especially the down town shops. It is so American looking, so beautiful. Gal, if you are not good for the tourism thru you blog, then I do not know who is, cuz you are definitely making us all fall in love with Newnan and wanting to come on down there to see if for ourselves. Take care. Deb

  32. You're town looks delightful. A place we would all like to live in. I especially like the pictures of the homes. Quite unique architecture on the smaller home. Glad to know there are people out there still who care enough to preserve the past while moving toward the future.

  33. Hey Reggie Girl
    Lovely pictures, i've joined in the Friday Phto shoot. Thanks again for the invite


  34. Great mix of B&W and color photos. I also liked the photos of the residents of your town. You are right, as we observe Easter Sunday we shouldn't forget the victims of the recent tragedies and our troops abroad.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  35. Your pictures really showcase Newnan, for all its beauty, its peacefulness, its quirkiness... just a special small town! ;) So sorry I wasn't able to join this week, as my mom decided to stay all week on her way back to Ohio from Arizona... but we had a great week and got so many home projects done around here. :)

    Lovely Easter wishes for you and your hubby, and I hope your dr gets your chemo mix right so you feel better soon!!!! I can't even imagine what you are going through right now, but you know my thoughts, my prayers, and HUGS are sent your way, everyday!


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