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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out - Wildlife In Motion

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YAY......TGIF!!!! And that makes it time for "Friday Shoot-Out". One of my favorite blogger "dudes" over at The Butler and Bagman Chronicles picked out this week's topic. Animals and wildlife around us and how we have encroached on their territory. (P.S. I miss you dude and I'm waiting to take that photo with Bagman!!)
We have quite a few people starting participating in Friday Shoot-Outs. Patty and I @ Crisfield, Maryland started and it took on a life of it's own. We have GingerV from Brazil, Loida from China, HalfCrazy from the Phillipines and the ever popular Barry, Papa, Noe Noe, J9, Oz Girl from all over the Continental U.S showing off their towns. Someone needs to call Ellen or Oprah!! Just kidding and please visit their blogs and check out their snaps! And don't forget that you can click on any photo to have a closer view. GingerV @ Flowers and More has chosen next week's subject (scroll down) since it was her turn. Please check out her blog......she's one nice lady and sends me the funniest and sweetest e-mails.
So here we go.........

A cute little Prarie Dog......

A Horned Owl.....

A Toucan behind bars. Wonder what he did? Did he steal for Fruit Loops?.....

A beautiful Parrot at the zoo.......

A Red Coyotes behind. I think he was shy......

Spoon-Billed Drake..........

Hungry Mallards.....I think they are encroaching on my territory right now.......

Indian Peacock.......

Goat, donkey and sheep.....again, mostly behinds

Crouching Tigress Sophie watching me type yesterday morning's blog post...

More goats.......a few faces this time but still.....nice butts though.....

Roxie our rescue Border Collie (Prince says that Roxie is a "stripper's" name. I wonder how he would know something like that? She's ever so sweet and Roxie likes her name. I have no idea what kind of past she has). She jumps a mile high when I bring out the groceries (okay, maybe not a mile but she does jump really high).....

A yellow jacket feasting on nectar on my blueberry bushes. I know that she's REALLY hard to find in there....look over to the far left....she's really petite and has her face down in a bloom supping! I hope she spreads lots of pollen to the other four bushes.......

Ellie Bee our 3 pound Chihuahua with the Doberman attitude (my kinda gal. Good for her, she doesn't take anything off those bigger ones, lol). She keeps all the other big dogs in line.......

Neighbor guy's rescue pup Dixie. I say she's a Dixie Darlin........

Roxie, Sadie and Gus. I have their undivided attention right now. I have grub....Okay B&B, this is a "wild time" at our house. It's like a stampede every meal. Geez, you'd think we never feed them. Every time it's like the first time they've ever seen food........

Sadie telling Gus "Look, I'm the Diving Board Queen of 2009. I am still able to fulfill my duties so back off". And yes Barry, Sadie will relinquish the diving board for a few minutes if you and lovely Linda would come to Newnan for a little swim. Talk about a wild time!! I don't know if Newnan could handle the party....

The beautiful GingerV has chosen the subject "My Town-the Four (4,5, or 6 blocks of your towns Main Street for next Friday she says). Sounds like a great subject to me hey Patty?

*****"This Is My Town"******
~~~~Montgomery Gentry~~~~

Hope everyone has a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter.

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Aren't they all sweet? Came over to say I'd love to see your collection of carnival glass & milk glass. I collect milk glass too. Surprise, surprise! ;O) Have a good weekend!

  2. Great pictures! I love dogs I wish I had time for one, I just don't and it wouldn't be fair to them so until I have time no dog!

  3. Hi Reggie girl..
    Okay.. either my eye sight has gotten a lot worse or the yellow jacket flew away before you posted the pic. lol!
    I see you like animal coolys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pics.. ;)
    Have a GREAT weekend.


  4. Yeah... I am number one and two!

  5. tardevil........your collection is georgeous. Wonder what drew me to your blog, lol......

    Robyn.......I understand. Wait until you have more time. It's unconditional love......

    Jill......it's not your eyesight failing (yet) she's very petite and way over there on the left hand side with her face stuck in a bloom. She's trying to get her nectar on!!You're number one and number two you say??? You shouldn't call yourself such names. Be kind to yourself...love yourself as we love you.You're hilarious.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  6. Hi Reggie,

    Really cool pics you've taken (even the butt pics)!

    My office is near Dulles (Ashburn, VA), so it really is a small world we live in. You're right about the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River being beautiful.

    I never imagined leaving Chicago as a kid but I've enjoyed living in the VA.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  7. Those were some great photos!

    I haven't really looked much for wildlife where I live...we have the occasional deer, and once, there was an emu that the EPA chased around the campus of our local community college...we made the Today show for that one...

  8. Loved all the wildlife in this post. The wildlife in your last post wasn't bad either.

  9. Those adorable animals made me feel better...I wish I was a dog...or maybe a cat...I would claw his eyes out.

    Thanks for your caring words of inspiration. It really meant a lot to me.

  10. I am loving all the puppy love you are spreading. Those doggies are so cute. Hubs wants one for the kids, but...I am just not sure. Your photos are really making me want one too. So cute.
    Love the toucan picture too very cool.

  11. Love your blog! I also love the pictures of the animals! Thank you for sharing them!

  12. Great Pictures !!! Love all the doggies, I am a dog person myself...but am taking a wee break from pets at the moment, although I miss having someone to greet me when I come home :)
    Will have to have my camera at the ready tomorrow and see what I can find in the way of wildlife ... haha, may just have to post a self portrait of me first thing in the morning !!!!

  13. Dearest Reggie Girl,

    What's that Prarie Dog doing in there? I almost cannot no see it.. The horned owl is so cute.. He sure looks like a genius. And the Parrots too..

    All your wild animal shoots are so nice and some really looks adorable. I wonder if all of them are really wild? The dogs look tamed..

    What I adore most is the Beautiful Girl touching the Goat behind the donkey and sheep..
    Can you see that? If not, then pls look at your mirror and you will see her..

    Kisses to you and sweet hello to Prince..

  14. Very cute photo's and esp with the commentary on the ones with the dogs nose to nose.. LOL. Very adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  15. A coyote! You took a picture of a coyote! I love these little monsters :-)! And that owl looks so regal perched up on its throne. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  16. Love the marching ducks -- looked almost painting like -- and shy fox...and Bagman likes the one with you in it, of course...

  17. Was it wildlife or butts that were the theme? I started getting confused about half way through!

    But (pun intended) I loved the shot of the owl and Dixie was just a complete darling!

  18. I think that you did a great job with this one too. I cant see the bee either, but then I do wear old age glasses, ha.

  19. Wonderful pics of the animals! The owl is so cool! We have a hooter near our home. I hear him at night!

  20. I love the daily puppies!
    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Believe me, If i could send Max you're way I would. I think his sister and dad may protest...

  21. These are some wonderful shots RG! Sorry I missed the shoot out =(
    Have a blessed week end.

  22. RG, great Friday shoot-out again, all your pics are great. I especially love the bee picture, cuz even tho these aging eyes coud not see it, I think you were very daring to even try getting that picture!! I like close ups but you would never find me nearing a bee of any kind like that. :-) Have a good weekend with your Prince! Debby (now I am going to skip on over to all the other blogs to see their pics.)

  23. Patty has sent Oprah this Town Shootout thing we do right? I think I've read that somewhere LOL. It would be really cool!

    What pretty animals! I like the Toucan! It looks pretty silly to me. Like some sort of a comedian. I don't know why LOL.

    I didn't know those are called Mallards! I thought they were just.. ducks with different colors haha!

    Your photos made me feel a little ignorant lol! Such beauties!

    Haha! Your dogs are looking at you when you took a photo of them!

  24. What fun Reggie Girl! As I take my tour around the world it is nice to know that no one (not even B&B) have lions and bears in their backyard. My favorite photo is the duck photo. You have them all so perfectly composed.

    The little dog is just adorable. All the dogs are cute! I love the goats, too. Baaaaa.

    Where did you snap the owl? That is a nice photo.

    GingerV picked a nice subject for next week.

    We have to thank B&B for making us all put on our thinking caps this week. It was fun.

  25. Love the animals....GOD BLESS. andrea

  26. what fabadabadoo photos. love 'em.

  27. "Roxie, Sadie and Gus. I have their undivided attention right now. I have grub....Okay B&B, this is a "wild time" at our house. It's like a stampede every meal. Geez, you'd think we never feed them. Every time it's like the first time they've ever seen food........"

    Oh, I was laughing so hard at that! My dogs are champion beggars and eaters too, but their true forte is "walkie bye bye madness". Once they figure out (and I swear they can read my mind!) we are going, they race around the house jumping and barking. We have a wood floor, so it looks like the cartoons as they try to get going, one day I will see a could of dust behind them. Several times one or both has skidded right into the wall!

    GREAT post, and wonderful photos!

  28. Critterville! Love seeing all the animals! Amazing!

  29. Great pics. So many dogs, so little hands to pet them all!

  30. Congratulations you really have plenty of wildlife/wild animals around you. Nice snap shot of coyote, does it chase people? I like the owl too and ducks...they're cute.

    I finally decided to join your photo shootout, I have only 2, the ducks and the swans hahaha so funny. The next shoot out is more interesting, I'll start to take pictures now hahaha

  31. Those are some great pictures. The owl though, brought back memories. We have a horned owl in the neighborhood who terrorizes animals. It literally got our cat. It swoops in our porch at the poodle too. Freaky hooter.

  32. HI Gina
    OH you are the best- Bless you for helping the animals (:)
    Love the wildlife post..
    those goats are so cute looking at us..LOL
    ...have a joyous weekend too my friend(:)
    hugs, Patty

  33. I remember my first family car trip to West Texas and into NM, we saw buffalo, and a prairie dog park...no mallets to conk them on the heads like that silly game...but they are so cute! Love this girlie...

  34. Great photos, Reg! You really have a full pack at your house, don't you? And that little puppy of the day, Putter is absolutely adorable-such sad eyes, though. I'm hoping to get a camera for my birthday next month and I will be snapping away too.

  35. Neat critters. It's too early for bees here in Michigan. High today in the low 40s.
    -- Chuck

  36. Reggie Girl, the Peacock is gorgeous! For the life of me, I could not find the yellow jacket!

  37. What great pictures!
    Thank you for your thoughtful package - our internet, phone & cable have been out for the past 24 hours so I could not contact you to let you know it arrived safely yesterday.
    I hope you have felt better today; you remain in my prayers and I hope you enjoy the weekend. Thanks again dear friend.

  38. You took some nice photos...I like the cute little prairie dog!

  39. Roxie, Sadie and Gus, oh, I just want to hug all three of them, they are so adorable!!!

    I didn't get my town shoot-out posted today, I may still try yet tonight, or first thing tomorrow morning... just running behind today! :-0

  40. What great pics! The pups are adorable! Have a great weekend-

  41. OMG!! Loved all these pictures, my favorite and dont know why is hte coyote.. orgeous and thank you for sharing with us.. Sincerely..

  42. Spoon billed Drake, LOL I always call malards Percy the duck because I named one Percy after he landed in my yard and it's stuck to all Malards for my kids now...

    Tell your huby I resent the remark about the name Roxie because that was my Grandmas name and now my daughter. ;p

  43. I love your dogs. You have convinced me to get a rescue dog next time. Sending you healing thoughts to go with that chemo.


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