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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesdays Touring Newnan - City Of Homes

I always have a Tuesday tour of things I've spotted in my beautiful town of Newnan, Georgia. This is the best place in the world to live. Nothing beats the enticing aroma of the pies baking through someone's screen that I smelled while out walking about town the other night.

Drive up to see us sometime. You'll pass through groves of dogwoods, then magnolias, before you duck under an allee of live oaks, forming a living tunnel of perpetual shade. We are an enchanted place in the soft green countryside of Georgia where yesterdays have yet to retire.

My produce guy Vernon......I caught him sitting in his truck between customer's. His tomatoes are good, until mine come in that is. Go see him on Highway 16, he sells lots and lots of delicious watermelons out of the back of his red truck when the season begins..........

Menu outside Espresso Lane for you sweets lovers........

A mural on the outside of Scott's bookstore, one of the friendliest places in town.....

Phlox starting to creep along it's way.......

Broad Street Sweets. The name says it all because everything is yummy.........

Speedy Taco because I want mine in a hurry (and it's dellcious of course).....

A Morgan grazing in the early morning I spotted............

Last night's moon through my front yard tree...........

A house that I like all nestled back in a beautiful spot........

Another house that I really like. Look at that veranda and it's for sale.......

Something Special Tea Room.............

An old barn house that I really liked...........

This was the Senior's of 2008 rock on the other side of town. The 2009 rock will soon be appearing.......

A big rock painted like a cow that I thought was pretty cool..........

A beautiful Orchid I saw in Andy's Nursery..........

Andy's Corner Market. They have beautiful plants, flowers, trees and shrubs and the nicest staff to help you with any questions and planting tips.......

Another shot inside Andy's Nursery. Their orchids are amazing and they sell garden goodies like gazing balls, birdie feeders, iron scrolls for outside gardens.....

A couple of guys spotted who had been playing ball.........

Kids spotted playing freeze-tag. I used to love to play freeze tag. The laughter I heard brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart........

So come on down to see us. We'll welcome you with open arms and show you our finest. This "Friday's Shoot-Out" is Hometown Native Foods and Resturants, so I'll be showing you some of the fine dining we offer as well and the good ole down home southern cooking that we're so proud of. If you can't drive down soon, join us for Friday Shoot-Out's. We all have the best time and there are no rules at all. We just want to see the beauty of your town. If you would, please just try to make "Friday Shoot-out" part of your post title and someone will catch you pretty easily and add you to our ever growing list. GingerV has begun keeping a sidebar list of participant's as well as Papa now and what a great job they do. Last week Australia joined us and I think that France is joining this Friday. Saturday I also had 3 people from the U.S. that said that they are joinging this week so that's exciting. Can't wait to see all of the snapshots!!

Song for Bagman:*****"Call Me" ~~~by Blondie******

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Love all of the photos..thanks for taking me on a mini-vacay! And I am head over heels for that giant schnauzer! So incredibly adorable :)

  2. Superb photographs. Especially liked the mural (little gem that) and the painted rock.

  3. Love all the photos....you make me want to visit!

    oh, yeah. And thanks for flinging a milkshake craving on me at 6 a.m.

  4. I loved your tour thru town. Looks like a really nice place to call home..

  5. What a great tour of your twon. I'll have to look on the map and see where you are, My brother lives in Douglasville, north of ATL. I love towns like this; they are magical!

  6. I loved those pictures. That cow rock was so cute...my mother would love it. Also that sign about milkshakes and sundae's made me hungry.

  7. Love all your photo's and looks like such a beautiful place to live.

  8. Vernon looks suspiciously like the guy who drove some other guys to my house to work on the siding. My Vernon sat in the truck snoring for two long days. The least he could have done was bring a tomato or watermelon.

  9. Another great tour of Newnam. I love the rock. Now I know where Milk Duds come from.

    Like your produce man, and that little barn is so cute. It would make a nice studio.

    Still don't know what out "gang" colors are.

  10. Can't wait to visit someday. I love the senior rock idea. The cow was cute. My favorite is the moon shot, love it!
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Fantastic! As usual!

  12. I love buying food from the side of the road! Especially shrimp in my town.

  13. Fabulous - I love your tours through Newman so thank you once again! Warm wishes to you, Vxx

  14. After reading your post, I'm now in the mood for tea and sweets - I guess I'll have to be full to read all the Friday shoot outs!

  15. Cow Rock is cool! Your blog is pretty cool, too.

    How do you get it so $$ goes to a charity? I would love to have that on mine as well. Great idea! BTW, all my pets are fixed.

  16. Reggie,

    You keep this up and I'm gonna visit Newnan!U

  17. Okay ReggieGal---Buy me that house for sale, fill it with a full staff---and I'll move to Newnan!!!!! Okay????? Beautiful little city...

  18. I like you town, the houses are great - only in America.
    when someone tells you they are joining the Friday shoot out - say hey - email Ginger with your blog address (gingerv@gigalink.com.br) and I'll add them to my list - just a double check to make sure their town gets visited.

  19. I MUST have one of those cow rocks!!!

    I always look forward to seeing a little slice of your town:)

  20. Nice place you got here.. our dog came from Airedale Rescue- somebody has to save those meatrballs!

  21. Thanks for your unblushing comments on my blog today. And, bye the way, you really do look great.

  22. Oh...and another comment on your comment...hard sometimes to comment on comments because, well, how many people come back to if there was a comment on their comment anyway? There should be a way to send back an answer to someone by email or something...anyway...I'm glad to know your shameless flirting is basically admiration for my talents. I admire your talents too although Bagman's shameless flirting is simply shameless flirting...probably why he was locked in the porta-potty. Did you ever find the x-rated egg he hid?

  23. You got me with the speedy taco and the cow rock I love it! That gumbo was rocking, even without the crab or sausage...your lunch sounded good. I wish there was a speedy taco near me, but I am the little speedy Gonzalez in the house :), Senior how would you like your tacos, remember him in the cartoons, as he zipped his way into our living rooms!

    Oh do I need to go somewhere and sign up for that Friday photo thing? I am using it for my food blog, any food related one...

  24. If I drop by can we go for a banana split?

  25. I love that you love your town so much. It sounds wonderful and friendly and cozy! I can hear your southern drawl through your writing:)

  26. Excellent pictures. Love the cow rock!!

  27. Beautiful photos! And yep, if there were ever a produce guy named Vernon, he sure looks like he'd be the one!

  28. Thanks for the tour. I'm going to have to make it there one day. Broad Street Sweets. They even named a street after me. LOL

  29. I love to tour your city. Great place!!! Phlox is my favorite. It reminds me of my Grandmother. Thanks for sharing your beautiful city with us blogger friends. Love & blessings from NC!

  30. The Newman Chamber of Commerce needs to put you on retainer!!

    Beautiful photos. I'm definitely going to have to get down there some day!

  31. Hi Reggie Girl, wanted to pop in and see how you are getting along.... I so love your photos of Newnan, and some of these houses, wow! They are just so gorgeous and warm and cozy looking. I love the lil shops and restaurants ... I miss that kind of small town, and haven't found THAT kind of small town close-by where we live. There is NO South Haven. Really. Only 420 people live here and there is not even a convenience store!

    I've got to get more adventurous and find some cute small towns around here... we had so many in Ohio, there's got to be some here in Kansas, not so far away from us!!!

  32. Oh, and I keep forgetting to tell you... I try to click on the daily puppy everytime I visit you! :-)

  33. I need a big rock painted like a cow! Your pictures were great. I think we have the same taste in houses! :)


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