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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update and Info On Friday Shoot-Outs

NEXT FRIDAY'S SUBJECT: Architecture in your town. The pretty, the old, the new, the crumbling, the wood, the brick, the renovated, the sadly falling........
We'd like to see the architecture in your town. Great choice pretty, talented Jen. I love in a very historic town so this should be a blast for me!! Patty @Crisfield Maryland picked Jen's name from a hat and next week I'm going to pick one out of a hat. We'll keep picking from participants until everyone has a turn picking the weekly subject. Then we'll start all over again. It is my hope that we never run out of names because there will be so many participants that everyone who joins will soon have a turn and then there will be more and more names to throw in the hat. How fun!!

Since a few of you were asking about how to "sign up", it's so easy you don't have to :) Just think....no forms to fill out, we don't need your social security number, you don't even have to give blood!! Myself and Patty subscribe to the K~I~S~S method: Keep It Simple Stupid........we've found that it works best that way. It would take all of the fun out of the whole project if people had to join this, join that, follow this rule, follow that rule, make sure they only post certain pictures. It's all about your interpretation of the weekly subject. That's what makes it so intriguing. One subject could have an entirely different meaning for anyone. Just simply take the subject and shoot it the way that you see it.....that's the fun of it all. And the gang part. I've always wanted to be in a gang and have a great big ole posse............

Simply post your snapshots next Friday and please make sure that your post title has
"FRIDAY SHOOT-OUT-then whatever the subject is".
For instance my post yesterday was 'FRIDAY SHOOT-OUT KIDS AND BEST FRIENDS'.

Then, if you wouldn't mind, please visit either :
GingerV @ http://gingersflowers.blogspot.com/
or Gordon @ http://fridayshootoutsfromflorida because they are kind enough to take the time to keep a running list of participants posted on their blog site. Tell them that you're going to participate and they will graciously add your name to the ever growing list. You can then visit all the participants blogs and be WOWED like I am every Friday.

Please join us and the first 2 t-shirts go to: Ann in Auckland for joining and Robyn in Alaska for joining. Welcome to our gang ladies and we can't wait to see you represent your towns can we Patty and all off the gang? Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!
We're thrilled to have you on board.

Anyone else? Snooty Primadona, did you say that you were joining? By the way, you crack me up. Noe Noe Queen of All Trades, where ya been woman?

Join the fun and laughter. Be a gangster. See the world while sitting at your computer eating chips and drinking Bloody Mary's (okay, maybe I'm the only one who does that???)You'll be glad you did.........I promise........

Prince and I are about to leave to go to Alabama. He is a judge in a "Wild Game Cook-Off". That should be interesting. What are they cooking down there? Armadillo and opossums and such? I can't wait to see this but, truthfully it should be a blast. As long as I'm with my man, I'm a happy girl.

Hope everyone has an E~X~T~R~E~M~E weekend and..........

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. Have a great time at your cook off...I would be packing my own food though. I am just not THAT adventurous.

  2. Oh No! Don't feel like the lone stranger. I drink Bloodys at the computer as well, among other things (anything). I deserve it and so do you! Hehehe

  3. Sorry for the double post but I forgot to say "Yes, I'm in!".

  4. Yea!! Welcome ladies and all other newbies!

    Thanks Reggie for doing such a great job!

    Save travels for a blessed weekend!

  5. Have a wonderful time in Alabama, Reg... I know your will---as you said, just being with your Prince.


  6. Have a wonderful weekend Reggie Girl.

    I've already been out taking photos of local architecture for next week!

  7. I might have to give it a try if I can come up with some ideas...we'll see! Hope you have a great time in Alabama...we lived just outside of Huntsville for 7 years! Great place!

  8. I am on my way out to do this...how fun! Did you see my 'Random' shots, I thought I left an email about it?

  9. I can't see the second photo no matter what I do (using craptop), but that first picture is beautiful. Rock on, indeed, Reggie Girl!

  10. there's an award (two) on my blog for you. hugs.

  11. Have a wonderful weekend with your man, I know I will get to see pictures of the wildgame cook off right?
    Looking forward to my first shoot off. Look out town here come's Robyn with her camera!

  12. Reggie Girl is "The Girl!" She keeps us all straight. And she is more organized than me, so listen to her.

    Don't know how you do it, RG.

    Have a great trip. We are putting our boat in water tomorrow, and I am doing nothing. Well, I may take my laptop and my internet card. I just have to catch up somehow. But how can I catch fish and blog at the same time? Decisions, decisions.

  13. I left you a little something over at my site. Congrats.

  14. This looks like fun! I will be browsing at next Friday's Shoot Outs fer sure! I may tag it on to my PFF post. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your armadillo al a mode.

  15. I may give it a try but I'm a crappy photographer. Ah what the frick, sign me up!!

  16. Cool! I was thinking of trying this one week! But architecture sounds hard!

  17. Great post. Your posts are never the same, and everything to look for. Have a great time.

  18. Hey dont count me out just yet! I still have some bullets left!

  19. Good luck with the cook out competition. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
    Blessings, Star

  20. Thanks for inviting me to be a gangster and explore the world Reggie girl! It really sounds like a fun time, even though I can't deal with Bloody Mary's. Unfortunately, I have an ancient 4-year-old computer that doesn't have a digital camera jack. I have to tranfer all my pix to a CD before I can upload them and it's a real pain. Needless, to say, it doesn't make for quick and easy Friday Shoot Outs! But as soon as I get a new computer, I'm in!

  21. I have noted Snooty Primadona joining. Jen recruited "Jessica" from Virginia. She is listed on my links. It gets better and better! Gordon

  22. Ooh, architecture sounds like a fun one. I hope it's nice out tomorrow because I'll only get once chance to get into town this week!

  23. Love those flowers! Can I please have them shipped to my front door!? :)

  24. Oh, I am so happy you are excited for this one! Friday is my favorite blog day too - in fact, I reserve extra internet me time, just so I can make the rounds and visit all the amazing blogs that participate!

    I was afraid this one might be redundant, but soon realized that with all the unique photographer's eyes we have taking photos, that redundancy will never appear! LOL!

    I am so honored I was chosen, I know it was random, but still, I never win anything!

    On a related, but separate note, I so want a T shirt! How can I get one too?

  25. If you want that GORGEOUS black and white bag...all you have to do is email me your bid and cross your fingers that your bid wins!!! :)

    Love ya.

  26. Architecture next week, eh? Oh why oh why can't I make Friday shootout my full time job?

  27. Hi, Reggie Girl!!!! Wow, what a beautiful blog!!! And what a sense of humor...I LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by my "accidental" blog...and for following...You've got a new friend, ME! Actually, Been There;Done That isn't my primary blog...just a trial blog that I had for playing around with layouts, etc...but it "morphed," and people started following...and I couldn't eliminate it as that would be kinda like eliminating all those beautiful people ...LOL! I just didn't have the heart...seemed kinda "godfather"-ish to me. LOL. So, I post there periodically. My main blog is Sniffles and Smiles...I post there on Saturdays, and alternate between funny and reflective... every other week. I'm very much looking forward to following you...you've got a new fan!!! Not that you need 'em...judging by your follower list...:-) But you're stuck with me anyway! ~Janine XO


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