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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daughter Visits, Lunches and Grand Dogs

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My daughter Miss Nan came to see me!!!!! YAY, we had the best time, but then....we always do. She brought my Grand Dog the beautiful Malibu to see me and to play with her cuz dogs. Not too much fighting and vying for attention but.....a few little very minor "Alpha Dog" run-in's. Nothing serious though. Her bird, my grand-bird Sculley who lives with Prince and I for a while was so happy to see her. He started going crazy as soon as her heard her voice!! He loves my kiddo......but not nearly as much as I do. He's just staying with Grandma Gigi for awhile.
I love my Grand-Dog and excited to see her as well. Wow, did she look great.

Lunches this week are listed below. What a great time I had taking my daughter around with me to meet everyone. She is my sunshine........

My catered lunches this week, ready to go.......

Bacon, lettuce and tomato salad with my own special BLT salad dressing, cabbage and apple slaw, wheat thins, 1/2 an apple, a Splenda mint and low fat, low sugar gingerbread men with Splenda sweetened white chocolate on the backside........

Scully our Quaker Parrot. He talks up a storm. He's been so grouchy lately because he's molting....

Cousin 4 holding Sculley for the first time.....awww........

Sculley kissing his Mom my kiddo. Did I mention how happy I was to see her? I talk to her every day, but seeing her is so special.......

My beautiful Grand Dog Malibu. Look how shiney her coat is. She was so good but then again, she always is (after a wee little marking of territory....get it...."wee"....never mind.....)

Again, beautiful Malibu. I swear, she is America's next top doggie model right??? Fierce......

My darling girl had to go back home today. I miss her already and can't wait to see her again. We talked about 4 times while she was making her 2 1/2 hour journey and that still wasn't enough. That's my kiddo you know????? My heart.....my joy.....

**Song for Bagman @ The Butler and Bagman Chronicles (and YES.....I'll still feed you when you're 64 honey darlin: "Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas"
~~~~by Faith Hill~~~~

***"A dog wags it's tail with it's heart****
~~~~Martin Buxbaum~~~~

Steady On
Reggie Girl


  1. So, how do you stop your 7 month old puppy from destroying everything when you leave him alone....or yelling his head off when he is left outside?? I know its seperation anxiety but arrrgghhhhhh

    Thank you for your lovely comment today :)

  2. Nothing like family and to have her right in your own house for a few days of one on one had to be the best ever!! So glad you had some joy and happinesss. You share so much of that with others. You are blessed.

  3. "In the middle of the night." Billy Joel.
    Nice parrot!

  4. Your Sunshine is beautiful. It is amazing how much our children are missed, following such a nice visit! Your photos are all fantastic! Lunch made me hungry, I guess I had better get something to eat!
    Make it a good day!

  5. Your blog is full of life and fun - I especially like the title :-) Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments - I don't know about making you laugh (yet), but how about you being the first to respond to my post to the right of my blog: "Some things that make me happy" :-)

  6. Good Morning, Another beautiful post. Your daughter is precious and I am so glad she was able to visit with you. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

  7. Lovely pics and so good that you got to spend time with your daughter!

  8. Love the human and animal families, but I love the menus too. More, please!

  9. What a lovely post! So great to hear a mother's love... makes me miss my mommy, she's been gone now for several years. I'm also very hungry thanks to the food photos. found you on Far-sighted flygirls blog. Loved your blog title!!
    All the best to ya!

  10. P.S. check out my blog: http://lynnejordan.com/blog
    It's a mixed bag of everything!

  11. I love all the pet pictures...so cute. Those lunches look so yummy. I would love to try your dressing too.

  12. These puppies I keep clicking on just keep breaking my heart to see them without someone to love them and care for them. But I'll keep on clicking anyway... It's great that you had such a fantastic time with your daughter - love her dog too - take lots of good care of yourself Reggie Girl. Warm wishes and hugs, Vxx

  13. What a good mama you are RG! Your daughter is beautiful. The perfect day!

    Can I order lunch now?

  14. I'm so glad you got time with your daughter. There is nothing better in life. It's amazing when they grow up and become our best friends.

  15. Your granddog is COMPLETELY adorable!

  16. Great post..and I always click your daily puppy!


  17. Hi Gigi, I'm Grammy to my grands!!!! Your daughter is gorgeous. I know how you must miss her these days. It surely is hard to see our kids grow up and leave home. None of my 3 sons are near here--and I don't get to see any of them very often. Sniff Sniff!!!

    George's daughter and hubby don't have any kids but they do have two cats. SO---George has two Grand-cats....

    Glad you got to see your Grand-dog and Grand-bird.. Sounds like Birdie was glad to see Mama..

    Have a wonderful day.

  18. Hi Gigi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invite. Yours is making me hungry right now. Can you give me more info about the Friday shoot-outs? How do i get the weekly theme? find other participants blogs?

  19. I've wanted to get a parrot, but no one else in the house wants to. :o(

  20. Awww, I loved this post. Hope your not suffering too many withdrawls from your daugher and her pets leaving. Loved all the pics!

  21. Ohhhh your lunch looks delicious! Nothing like seeing our daughters, eh? I get to see mine this weekend--woot! OH! AND my granddog, Tyson! :)

  22. Love the boxes lunches. Yum! I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and grand dog. That Quaker Parrot is so cute!

  23. Another food post? I am going to have to put a zipper on my lips. I get so hungry when I come here (and a few other places make me want to eat, too). Willow, I am talking about you.

    I am going to have to stop hanging out with people who post food.

    I love all the photos. That bird is so cute.

    Great looking dog, too.

    Do you think Oprah knows about us yet? We are waiting.

    Well, now I have to go find something to eat.

  24. Malibu looks so happy, bright and intelligent. He is certainly beautiful. I know what you mean about daughters. My dear girl lives with me and we are best friends. I feel blessed to have her in my life.


  25. THAT is a fantastic lunch!! I wish you lived near me then I could buy some lunches like that, what a fab combination. the picture had me getting really hungry over here!! Loved the bird, my sis has 2 parrots named Newton and Magic and they are such joksters. And Malibu, what a great name, it suits her! She would love our Cody, I can picture the two of them frolicking in the grass over here together. Take care, hope that you are feeling okay girlfriend. thinking of you. Deb

  26. Great, now I'm going to be singing that song all damn day.

    OK getting caught up on blog reading. BRB.

  27. too much yummy food on your blog, i'm going ot have to go and eat something... mm...)

  28. You have a gorgeous grand-dog. And, your lunch looks delicious. You have made me hungry!!!!

  29. A friend is trying to talk me into getting a bird, I have had other friends raise them and they are soooo cute! The lunches look great!

    -Chef E

  30. Oh and I forgot...

    If you liked my legion of peeps on the Farro post then go vote for me here!


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  32. That sounds like a great visit! You're lunch looks delicious! I used to always want a parrot but after having a cockatiel, I don't want another bird ever lol. Malibu is gorgeous though!

  33. Did you ever sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" to your daughter? I sang it to both of my kids when they were little...actually I still sing it to them. They'll never grow up in my eyes.

  34. Aw, ScullyBird...don't worry you're still handsome half nekkid. I send you beak smoochies too!

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  36. This is my first visit to your blog and am excited to read more. Love your blog. I understand the kids and grand ones. My daughter lives 3 hours away and I miss them. I went up this past weekend and as always I have such a great time with them and the grandkids. Grandkids are so special.

  37. Gorgeous grand-doggy, Reggie!

  38. Geeze Gina you have so many fans I had to scroll and scroll to get down here to leave you a comment>LOL
    Loved the pics of the packed lunch, kids, birdy, doggies- OH precious~!!
    WELL Do you want a chickie dear friend??
    Hugs, and Happy Easter.. Patty

  39. Well, I knew by the title that I would love your blog! Thanks for the visit!
    Nice looking dog! Poor parrot - hope his feathers come back soon!
    I think I just ran out of exclamation points. Yes, I'm strange.

  40. So glad you had a great visit with your daughter, she looks adorable, of course you wouldn't disagree!! Seriously i have only one daughter and she is over 2500 miles away and don't get to see her that often and i miss her so. Loved all the family pics. Wishing you and your family the most blessed and happy Easter.

  41. I love Sculley! Poor little guy, grouchy because he's molting. Is that like having a bad hair day? I just got a big smile out of that photo and what you said about it. :)

  42. Hi my dear Reggie Girl,

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    Have a lovely day with your Prince..

  43. I'm so so glad you two got to spend some time together!


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